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Servants of Twillight(1991)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jeffrey Obrow

Bruce Greenwood/Charlie
Jarrett Lennon/Joey
Belinda Bauer/Christine
Grace Zabriskie/Grace Spivey
6 10
A religious group is hunting a mother (Belinda Bauer) and son (Jarrett Lennon), claiming that the brat is the Anti-Christ. It’s up to Bruce Greenwood and his trusty mullet to protect them!

It’s been a while since I tackled an oldie; so being that the 1991 thriller SERVANTS OF TWILIGHT finally got its DVD release and I had yet to see it, I figured what the bleep, lets go old school. This baby was an adaptation of DEAN KOONTZ's (under the pseudonym Leigh Nichols) book TWILIGHT, which was first published in 1984. Koontz is one of those writers who pens solid tomes but the adaptation of his work has been very uneven thus far. For example; DEMON SEED (1977), WATCHERS (1988), PHANTOMS (1998), HIDEAWAY (1995) and ODD THOMAS (2013) all varied in quality. So where did SERVANTS OF TWILIGHT fall? Here it goes!

SERVANTS OF TWILIGHT was basically RACE WITH THE DEVIL meets THE OMEN i.e. a chase horror party having to do with the “is he or isn’t he” Anti-Christ being hunted down by a hardcore religious cult. I personally felt that the thing made for an effortless watch. The chain of events was gripping enough, the pacing was easy-peasy and a couple of plot turns actually took me aback, which is always a feat being that I'm well versed in the genre at this point in my pitiful life. I was definitely entertained throughout that's for sure! The cast was definately one of the main assets here. We got a young Bruce Greenwood in the lead, already displaying the charisma and hefty acting chops that wound up making him a star, the sexy Belinda Bauer (Remember her in RoboCop 2?) making for a credible “tough mother” character and of course young Jarrett Lennon (who will always be Ludlow Tortelli from the Cheers TV show to me) selling me 100% as the potential Anti-Christ. Special mention goes out to TWIN PEAKS alumni Grace Zabriskie and Carel Struycken who mucho shined here. Zabriskie in particular made for a hypnotizing presence. She gave an intense and scene stealing show! Add to all that jive at least one badass kill (bats), Greenwood’s mullet owning that screen like nobody’s Chewbacca  and some adequate visuals via Jeffrey Obrow's handling of the material and you get a decent chiller feature!

So what's holding me back from giving this one more love? Well the movie didn’t flesh out its initial premise enough for my liking hence it didn’t wind up being much more than a chase. There’s was more to be done here and they could have gone much deeper in terms of the WHO, WHAT and the WHY. Moreover, I didn’t care for how the picture framed its story (with Greenwood’s character in the present telling his story by looking back in the past) as it was handled clumsily and brought NATHING to the narrative. The “is he or isn’t he” Old Scratch's son game wasn’t played a slyly as it should’ve had been either. And was I alone in being a bit confused as to one character’s stance on things come the finale? Maybe it was just me; and the three Rum and Cokes I had guzzled talking...

On the whole though, SERVANTS OF TWILIGHT made for an adequate time killer, nothing more or less. I'm happy I finally got to check it out after years of having it on my must see hit-list. I’ll definitely read the book now! I have a feeling it will make for an even better experience...

We get bullets wounds, Greenwood's mullet and one nasty kill via bats.
T & A
We get a soft, crossfade heavy sex scene that didn't reveal much other than Bauer in a bra. The ladies get a buff Greenwood shirtless.
I've seen better KOONTZ adaptations (DEMON SEED) and much worse ones as well (WATCHERS), so yeah, SERVANTS OF TWILIGHT fell somewhere that proved to be a little better than the middle. The flick had a groovy premise, told its tale in a quick/economic way, it sported solid performances and back-handed me stupid a couple of times with its dire turn of events. Too bad that the way it framed its story did not work, that it didn't explore its meat further and wasn't fully competent with the "is he the Anti-Christ" game it was playing. I don't say this very often; but this one would make for an ideal retelling! There's more to this story and hopefully an update would tap into that.
Look out for Scream Queen Kelli Maroney in a small and early role.

Jeffrey Obrow and writer Stephen Carpenter also did The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982), The Power (1984) and The Kindred (1986).