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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Greg Huson

Scott Weinger/Cole
Brad Hawkins/Christophe
Lindsey McKeon/Kim
Juleah Wikel/Pike
6 10
A group of horny dudes and looser-than-the-norm sluts head up to a desolate ski resort in the mountains for some drinking, hot sex and snowboarding. Their hedonistic plans are interrupted when a mysterious skier dressed in black does his own brand of shredding…but on them! Let the bodies hit the snow!
What the hell can I say about this film that will go further than two sentences? Mmmm….well…I had fun…uh…nice kills…uh… sweet chicks…should I stop the review here…uh…okay, I’ll try to go for the whole nine yards with this…wish me luck!

Just in time for X-Mas, snowbound \"Shredder\" was a competent, entertaining and harmless piece of slasher candy-cane that reverted back to the 80’s in terms of its substance (a term I use loosely). \"Friday the 13th\" came to mind more than a few times. Somebody did their homework! And yes, the flick jacked up its “groovy” value by setting its body count amidst a beautiful snow-filled mountain backdrop and not sucking bananas while doing it (remember the movie “Iced”? Yeesh!). You just can’t go wrong with cold winter nights when it comes to gripping atmosphere and this baby knew it and milked it. Other than that, we get what you’d expect from a lobotomized teen slasher, but with a couple of extras in tow.

The flick sported some decent kills (gotta love that ice-cycle stab), above low-budget standards acting (wow, these mooks were actually credible!), lots of hot dames either topless, in bathing suits or in their underwear (I’m hip to that!), some well shot snow boarding sequences, a couple of clever lines and random funny bits. A note on the film’s cheeky sense of humor, if I may. Taking into account how silly the events taking place were, it was gnarly to see that the film didn’t take any of it too seriously, often poking fun at its own situations. I’m not talking about a \"Scream\" type of self awareness here, I’m talking about a little bit of “campiness” sprinkled about here and there to \"up\" the enjoyment factor of certain scenes (all about that gal hanging on the chair lift or that hot tub sex scene…funny shite! ) I dug it the most!

\"Shredder\" did eat powder a few times though. First off, the pace lagged like a doped-up crack whore in places with too many filler scenes at play, especially in the first half of the film. Gotta pad up that clock time! The flick also displayed ZERO originality when it came to its storyline with the characters all exhibiting the usual dumb ass moves. And did I mention that the whodunit became as transparent as my bank account fairly quickly? Well, I just did. But the film’s worst sin was having such \"blah\" written kids as leads. Lucky for us, the actors were somewhat charismatic because we get lots of twits and shameless (and I mean shameless) hussies in this ice rink. Special mention goes to the character of Skyler, played by Bill Sullivan, for having me reach for the kitchen knife in order to stab my TV set to pieces. This token video camera nerd was not only a motor mouth and annoying to boot, but he was also just NOT funny. Not good traits to wear on your jockstrap when you’re obviously supposed to be the \"comic relief\" of the lot. Poetic lines like “Shut the fuck up and die already you fucking useless slab of pork” came out of my yapper more than once.

But on the whole, you can do much worse than \"Shredder\". Although not particularly scary, it’s a good looking film with gorgeous cinematography, decent production values and a catchy \"fun times\" aura about it. Too bad not much thought was put into the script itself. I know it’s a slasher and all, but hey...why aim below the corpse when you can aim above it. Should’ve at least tried to give us something a tad novel instead of the same old thing, but set in snow. Shred this!
The flick was first released in the UK and now MGM is putting it out in North America. I have a feeling some trimming was done here because there were some off-screen kills that I felt used to be there (my Arrow Sense was tingling). We do see fingers sliced off, two beheadings, an ice-cycle impaling, a slit throat, a ski pole in the face, some gun shot wounds and an axe in the leg. There’s enough gravy to satisfy the glutton in all of us.
Scott Weinger (Cole) did fine as the “straight” guy, too bad his character was such a push-over. Grow a set of balls, bro! Brad Hawkins (Christophe) let his “accent” do most of the acting and it had me in stitches. Good stuff! Lindsey McKeon (Kim) played a loose whore that kept her top on and teased us with her tiny undies. Great show! Holly Towne (Robin) played a loose whore that took her top off and showed her sweet ass. Better show! Juleah Wikel (Pike) played the nice girl who kept all her clothes on, but at least, displayed an iota of intelligence. Likeable show! Billy Sullivan (Skyler) couldn’t die fast enough. Not the man’s fault...his part was gratingly written. I guess he did a good job, because I have to buy a new TV now.
T & A
Holly Towne (Robin) showed us her luscious derriere and firm boobies while Lindsey McKeon (Kim) cock teased in her undies/bathing suit a lot. What a bod on that animal! The ladies get Brad Hawkins (Christophe) showing his cut self and his buttocks!
Huson went \"MTV\" on our asses with lots of kool angles and a trippy use of quick cuts. He also skillfully capitalized on his snowy setting to give us some striking imagery. On the limp side, the suspense was nil.
We get a pedestrian “slasher” score, some Blink 182 wannabe rock tunes, some techno and a reggae-like ditty. It was ok.
I like a good slasher as much as the next psycho in training and \"Shredder\" was actually an amusing trek in dead teen land with obvious talent behind, and in front of, the camera. I was smiling for a buck and a half and in the end, that’s what really mattered. Having said that, I have to get this off my dagger: how many times are we going to get the same damn story vomited in our lap? It’s like nailing the same disposable lay for 20 years in a row, I don’t know about you guys, but after year 2…I’m starting to get bored. \"Shredder\" was recycled drivel but easy, well put together and genuinely fun recycled drivel. And it was set in snow...take that to the bank! Hit it on X-Mas eve with a brew in one hand and some chick\'s head in your lap, lapping away. HO HO HO!
Scott Weinger played “Steve” on that puke-inducing show “Full House” (yes, the one with John Stamos).

Lindsey McKeon was a regular on the soap opera “Guiding Light” .