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Sleepaway Camp 2(1988)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Michael A. Simpson

Pamela Springsteen/Angela
Renee Estevez/Molly
Tony Higgins/Sean
Valerie Hartman/Ally
7 10
A bunch of teens that look way too old to be going to camp get slaughtered by Angela (Springsteen) the “gender” enigma from the original. Yep, she’s all grown up, out of the nuthouse and has now become a chipper psycho Camp Counselor. YIPPEE!
This sequel to the little hit that was \"Sleepaway Camp\" takes the total opposite Hershey highway of its predecessor. Gone is Felissa Rose in the role of the psycho chick with a dick, gone is the drama and the gloomy edge. Say hello to tits, wild gore and Pamela Springsteen who takes over the part of Angela with a happy exuberance that will either amuse the shit out of you (it did me) or make you want to puke your “KFC” out.

From a narrative standpoint, there isn’t much here on which to chew, it’s all formulaic, standard slasher fare and you’ll guess every plot point coming very easily. It’s really in the goodies department that this one rides its wave. First, I will admit that I dug all of the hilarious moments of immature humor and the sharp one-liners. They fit this film’s bill to a T. I also grooved on the many TV show, horror movies (Jason, Freddy and Leatherface pop up…you’ll see…) and music references this flick spread around. But the highlight of this tramp is that it really went heavy on two ingredients that should please any sex hungry, heterosexual male with a bloodlust rooted in his heart and that is BOOBIES and SPLATTER! Angela damages these 30-something teens with lots of messy panache and the many lovely ladies that fill this house out have no qualms with pulling up their shirts to reveal heaven at the drop of a dime bag. Can you go wrong with that?

A few things did annoy me while viewing this baby though. First off, 90 percent of the movie is shot in the day and that, my friends...got boring to watch after a while. We needed more atmosphere and yes, more scares (none here). I also didn’t appreciate the film’s “pad up clock time” dream sequence. It’s so obvious that it’s only there to beef the already slim running time and it didn’t bring anything to the movie except for a few “groans” from my pointy ass. Should\'ve just edited in a 5-minute tit shot instead. My intelligence would’ve been less insulted and at least my Kleenex would’ve come in handy.

But overall, \"Sleepaway Camp 2\" is very funny at times (Springsteen rocks!), horny, trashy and bloody little slasher that aims for the crotch and succeeds in what it wants to be; an easy horror fuck. No scruples, no intelligence, no brains, no class...just lots of flesh and death. You guys want to hit this beeyatch because I’m done with her!
Unhappy Campers = Happy gore hounds. Angela makes such a mess! I’m talking cut off tongue, kids burned alive, stabbings, slit throats, a groovy beheading, a pukey drowning in a toilet filled with leeches, acid in the face and more! This one is bloody fun!
Pamela Springsteen (Angela) plays the happy slaughter machine very well. You’ll love or hate here but I dug her thang. She be funny. Renee Estevez (Molly) gives a very credible performance and yes, she’s the sister of Emilio and Chuck. Tony Higgins (Sean) does okay as the hunk but is it me or does he smile way too much? It’s not that funny, dude! Easy buddy! Valerie Hartman (Ally) plays the token slut. \'Nuff said. Brian Patrick Clarke (TC) acts with his immense mullet and his “David Coulier”-like looks. Is that good acting? You be the judge.
T & A
The very good news is that I stopped counting at the third tit shot. The ladies get resident hunk Tony Higgins shirtless and the man is one hairy bastard. You dig fur, gals? Enjoy.
Simpson keeps it very simple. The term “point and shoot” came to mind very often. We do get a couple of kool tracking shots, but overall the directing is very minimalistic in terms of style. It gets the job done, I guess.
Some engaging heavy guitar riffs and a simplistic score that worked.
Distributor: Anchor Bay

IMAGE: The widescreen (1.85:1), anamorphically enhanced image is spot on. It’s definitely sharper than any video tape, the colors are more solid and grain, although present, is seldom. Nice clean up job here.

SOUND: The Dolby Digital Mono sound is adequate, although I would’ve appreciated the dynamic that Stereo could’ve brought to the table.


Audio Commentary (full length): Webmaster John Klyza hosts this commentary with director Michael Simpson and writer Fritz Gordon. We get lots of humorous stories, trivia galore, behind the scenes quips and more! I can’t say that Klyza brought much to the conversation though.

Behind the Scenes footage and Outtakes (~ 13 minutes): This “Making of” takes us through rehearsals, takes and makeup sessions. We also get kool insight as to how they came up with improvisations on set. This reel is narrated by director Michael Simpson who brings lots of his personal thoughts and comments to the table. A very interesting feature.

We also get a Sleepaway Camp 3 Teaser, Trailer and Still Galleries (3 of them) .
\"Sleepaway Camp 2\" takes a different direction than the original, but excels in its own right. This is a party movie! Think a mix of “Porky’s” meets “Friday the 13th” where panties/jock straps raids feel as comfortable as severed heads and leech-infested toilet drownings. Sometimes you have to appreciate the simplest things in life and \"Sleepaway Camp 2\" is one of those simplest things. It slaps in enough yuk-yuks, female candy and splatter to carve a smile on your pumpkin face. If you’re in one of those stupid moods, check it out and kick back. If you’re not…well, it’s your life, do whatever you want to do. Who the fuck am I?
You guessed it...Pamela Springsteen is the real-life sister of “The Boss” himself, Bruce Springsteen.