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Stop It, You\'re Killing Me(2000)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Kenneth Yakkel

Anna/Jamie Donahue
William-Edwin/Michael Todd
Eric/James Black Jr.
Susan/Jessica Beckwith
7 10
Powerful sexy witch Anna (Donahue) is keeping dead William (Todd) alive, he’s a homosexual zombie mess, there to do her bidding: namely kill people and bring back body parts for her magic potions. Susan (Beckwith) wants her 112 year old husband Edwin (Todd) to die already so she can get her claws on his fortune and never have to f...k him again, what she doesn’t know is that Anna is keeping Edwin (Todd) alive through magic so she can eventually collect his toenails (don’t ask). Eric (Black Jr.) is nailing Susan but he’s also banging this other broad on the side. His motivation? Edwin’s money. It all comes together and horror gets its first comic soap opera.
The words \"horror comedy\" usually sends shivers down my spine and make me contemplate suicide. If I have a choice between watching \"Return Of The Living Dead 2\" or CHUD 2: Bud The Chud again and slashing my wrist with a razor blade, I’ll choose the razor. The bigger studios definitely don’t have a handle on it but this independent effort sure does. This is a funny movie. For those of you who appreciate a little toilet humor on the side with your horror this one’s for you. Filled with fart jokes, penis jokes, a gay zombie (come on that alone is funny), sight gags ( cute Hitler dolls sold on the Shopping Network or an Elephant Man cartoon !!!), a horny old man and talking skulls that brought \"Pee Wee’s Playhouse\" to mind this film is entertaining. The script is sharp, witty, at times crude and hilarious. The plot has enough twists, turns, backstabbings to fill a whole season of \"Melrose Place\", add to that some minor gore, the occasional tittie and you’ve got yourself a surprising, original, funny has hell flick. Lets crack this one open and savor its rich blend.
The violence is mostly offscreen but we still get severed limbs, a decomposing zombie and a few nifty visual effects. (I loved the magic bowl) The effects were handled by Jason Matthews of Stan Winston Studios and Greg Funk of Babylon 5 fame.
Michael Todd (William-Edwin) goes the \"Eddy Murphy\" way in this one. He plays the ball busting gay zombie and the horny old fart. Both his performances are dead on and this critic didn’t even know both parts were played by the same dude until the end credits. He also has a small cameo as a bartender. This is one versatile actor. I must admit William the gay zombie is my favorite character in the whole flick. Jessica Beckwith (Susan) gives a strong show and is very sexy when she acts drunk. James Black Jr. cracked me up, specially at the beginning of the movie when he discovers that Susan is still having sex with old Edwin. The ladies will appreciate his big biceps and cut chest fer sure. Jamie Donahue (Anna) exudes a natural, down to earth sexiness that this dude found quite appealing. Her dead pan performance is dead on and I hope to see more of her in the future.
T & A
An opening scene graced with a big pair of melons. Some really ditzy looking and sounding actress reveals her ta ta’s and plump ass. And like I said ladies will love James Black Jr.
Yakkel butters the toasts on both side for the opening sequence. It’s the most stylish scene in the movie filled with great shots and nifty lighting. He then goes pretty much straightforward, letting the story unravel but still taking time to give us a fun montage and an interesting \"meeting\" in a dream. Some of the editing is bit off and some of the camera movements a bit shaky but they’re minor details this reviewer didn’t mind much.
A little bit of GWAR never hurt anybody and some Reggie Banister (Phantasm flicks) well…some Reggie Banister…why not?!!!
Don’t let the small budget turn you off, what the film lacks in production values it compensates with imagination and a lots of guts. This horror fan feels very lucky. Since he began this \"reviewer\" gig, he’s had the chance to get access to the smaller, more interesting flicks. It started with \"Hollywood Mortuary\" and continues with \"Stop It Your Killing Me\". This movie has what most big budget productions don’t have: a good script, good actors and comedy that’s actually funny. Of course fart jokes are not everybody\'s cup of blood but if the words \"gay\" and \"zombie\" bring a smile to your face, you have to check this one out. Crack open a beer and enjoy.
Click here: http://www.themonsterclub.com/stopit.htm.