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Teacher\'s Pet(2000)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Marcus Spiegel

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe/Debbie
Jsu Garcia/Sam
Katherine Kendall/Carla
Jeanette Brox/Laney
4 10
Hot-to-trot mental patient (Jodi \"the goddess\" O\'Keefe) escapes from the nuthouse. She steals a student\'s identity and goes to college (to hide out, I guess). There she develops an infatuation for one of her teachers and shite gets real ugly when he decides to turn her down (what a moron!!!).
This flick was made for cable and it shows. First off, we get nothing here that we haven\'t seen before (The Crush anyone?). The story is extremely predictable and I guessed every plot point, no problemo. Like I always say, I don\'t mind a little bit of deja-vu but here, there\'s simply no payoff. The violent scenes are sloppy and boring. The sex scenes are tame (the earth did not move) and the character who we\'re supposed to fear is the most sympathetic one. Jodi Lyn\'s character is supposed to be a loon but I was rooting for her the whole time. She\'s pretty, artistic and intelligent. Most of the murder scenes are accidents (some dumb broad peppers herself with pepper spray and falls on a spike…COME ON!) and the only time Debbie (O\'Keefe) goes ape shite is after her teacher f**ks her and then dumps her ass (I would have done the same thing).

The film is filled with dumb arse characters. The token dumb cops, the lesbo-like dorm master (or whatever you call those gals), the one dimensional jock who loves date rape and some ugly bum. You would think that in a movie like this, all of these yoyos would eventually meet the tip of a kitchen knife. NO DICE! Only two of those schmucks die and not horribly enough! What a crock!

The only two things this movie has going for it are : 1- The relationship between Laney and Debbie. It\'s sweet and slapped in another context could be called \"She\'s All That: Part 2\". And number 2 : The endless shots of Jodi Lyn O\'Keefe. Watch as the camera hoggles her body, close ups on her lips and what not. I wonder if the director was jerking off while he was shooting? Sure felt like he was.

TO WHOEVER WROTE THIS MOVIE: The next time you set up a character who\'s supposed to be crazy (she supposedly killed her mom)...do something with it! In this flick, Debbie is the sweetest girl I\'ve ever seen. Yes, she\'s got a few emotional issues but who doesn\'t! I didn\'t fear or hate her, I loved the gal. And the killing, you may ask? Most of them were accidents anyways. And the ones that weren\'t… they frieking deserved it! Debbie is the hero here. I\'d marry her in a heartbeat. Will Jodi be Arrow\'s pet?
Some fake blood here and there. Looked like strawberry jam.
Jodi Lyn O Keefe (Debbie) comes through and then some. She hits all the right emotional notes and is gorgeous to boot. Jsu Garcia (Sam) is also pretty good. I liked him in \"Nightmare On Elm Street\" and I dug him here too. Katherine Kendall (Carla) bored me Zzzz. Jeanette Brox (Laney) is very credible as the geeky girl. I wanted to slap Christiana Frank (Sydney) silly. What an annoying character.
T & A
Not the tits I wanted to marvel at! The ones we do see are from girls who should keep their tops ON! Jodi shows off her G-string underwear (thank you) but keeps her basketballs hidden. Jsu Garcia takes off his shirt…oh hum…
Spiegel loves slapping white flashes in between scenes. It wuz kool at first but then it became very redundant. He showcases a few nice shots but knows nothing about suspense (the scariest things in this flick are Christiana Frank\'s close ups), good sex (you don\'t have to shoot all the scenes in slow motion dude…it\'s NOT a Penthouse video!) and doesn\'t even attempt to surprise his audience. Very by-the-numbers. Stop staring at Jodi\'s arse (that\'s my job) and go back to McDonalds where you belong!!! Want fries with that?
Some bland pop/rock songs that try to sound like popular bands. A weak TV movie-like score.
If you\'re a big Jodi fan, you might want to take a peek and then hit the box of Kleenex. But if you\'re looking for originality, suspense, good violence and a look at the dark side of love…check elsewhere. Rent \"Fear\" instead with Marky Mark. At least he shows us his tits and the movie rocks!
The film is also known as \"Devil In The Flesh 2\". The \"Devil in the Flesh\" starred buxom actress Rose McGowan.

Am I the only one who noticed that the geeky girl who gets a makeover in this movie is named Laney? Laney...just like the geeky girl who got a makeover in \"She\'s All That\". You think it\'s a coincidence that Jodi happened to play in that movie, too? I think the screenwriter attempted wit here…nice attempt…