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The Amityville Horror - 2005(2005)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Andrew Douglas

Ryan Reynolds/George
Melissa George/Kathy
Philip Baker Hall/Father McNamara
6 10
Based on Jay Anson’s book of the same name which was itself an account of a supposedly “true story” which was itself made into a film in 1979 which went on to spawn countless sequels…. (yes, I’m going for the longest sentence ever written by man) …has a family move into a gloomy house to then realize that its haunted and attempting some good old fashion possession.
I won’t even go into the “true story” moniker glued to this 2005 update. Either way, the Lutz' were kept away from this remake by the Studio; hence they had no input into the film whatsoever. This sucker was all fiction to me daddy-o! You want to hear my thoughts on that whole “did it happen” spiel? Read my reviews of the Amityville Horror and Amityville 2 and call it a life.

For better and for worse Amityville Horror 2005 was your quintessential modern, razzle-dazzle horror flick. It moved at a lightning speed, went through its plot turns faster than you can say “A.D.D”, machine gunned every “wow”, “slick” and “elliptic seizure inducing” directing trick in the MTV book and boo scared the shite out of me until my butt was sore from all that seat hopping. It of course didn’t waste any time in getting its bowling horror ball rolling either, where I was assaulted by macabre goodies mucho early on up until the final frame. The film’s zippy demeanor and dread heavy feel definitely made way for an effortless watch, one that demanded next to nothing from what’s left of my grey matter. Tag to that, engaging performances all around with the highlight being “serious actor since he grew a  fine looking beard” Ryan Reynolds and you a trouble-free lay that had me smiling throughout.

A note on King Canuck Reynolds! Was that dude likeable... scratch that... LOVEABLE...or what? He stole every damn scene he was in (and even stoles scenes he wasn’t in) and I couldn’t help but adore the lad to severed limbs! His natural "endearing" quality, mixed in with a genuine sense of "menace" and awesome lines, made way for a very compelling character to follow around. As Reynolds' Lutz got crueler and crueler, I cheered for him louder and louder. You know that a-hole that cackles out loud from the back row of the theatre when the mean spirit-ness or/and atrocities hits the screen? Well that was me throughout this film! I haven’t rooted for a psycho to do the doo this much since The Stepfather "Spring Cleaned" his humble abode. According to this movie, George Lutz knows a thing or two about wrangling kids that’s for freaking sure! Parents take notes of "The Lutz Method" as to how to keep your brats in check (the holding the log bit was hands down hilarious...what a great scene). Good show Mr. Reynolds!

Unfortunately, the rush-rush nature of the affair did lessen its overall impact. Don’t get me wrong, it was always fun times in a 1$ dollar wine bottle but it could’ve been so much more that just that! The story was hurried, build-up/tension were non existent, character development was waif-ish (Who were these people again?) while the “fear scenarios” didn't punch me as hard as they should’ve had since they kicked in hardcore too early in the game (i was numb to them at the half way point). And what was up with that priest subplot? It came and was dropped faster than a good habit! Talk about pointless! Furthermore, the film’s over-urgency made the age old “haunted house movie” question ring so much louder. “What will it take for these suburban imbeciles to leave that EVIL house already?” Screw looking for background on the house 1 hour and 20 minutes into the movie…YOU KNOW ITS HAUNTED! GET THE F*CK OUT! You thought they didn’t book swiftly enough in the 1979 version? Get ready for a "suspension of disbelief" castration with this remake!

Overall, Amityville Horror 2005 was a sleek, quick and highly entertaining horror snack! With more padding and less "rush-rush"; it could’ve also have been a weighty horror film. Buy hey…I STILL HAD A BLAST! Reynolds owned the movie! I am now officially a HUGE fan!  HAUNT THIS!
The film was brutal but lots of it was communicated via quick-cuts…so don’t blink! We get some nasty shot gun wounds, demonic faces, a finger inserted in a bullet hole, blood and some “Hellraiser” like human/creature oddities. Enough to please the gore fiends but again…DON’T BLINK!
Ryan Reynolds (George) has left the baby faced Van Wilder behind to embrace the “bearded” Reynolds, one that tackles serious roles while still managing to be as fun loving as Michael Jackson burning in hell GREAT SHOW…specially when the axe kicked in! Melissa George (Kathy) hit all the right notes and was a cutie to boot! Philip Baker Hall (Father McNamara) wasn’t in the film long enough to leave much of an impression. He’ll always be the “Library Police” to me!
T & A
Its ladies night tonight with a shirtless Ryan Reynolds showing off his leftover muscles from Blade 3 like the champ that he is! Dig in girls!
Andrew Douglas heavily dipped the nachos in the sour cream with audio/video tricks up the wazoo! On the upside, the flick was a deliciously somber and flashy piece of eye candy. On the downside, at times, I wished a chill on the quick cuts to digest what I had seen, before moving on to the next thing.
Was there one? Like really? Although varied sounds were efficiently used; I can’t say I picked up on the score much.
Amityville Horror 2005 was 95 percent BBQ Sauce and 5 percent meat. The banquet was well cooked, spicy in all the right places and it looked yummy to boot! The countless “will keep you awake” boo scares and Ryan Reynolds AMAZING performance made sure to tickle my fancy as well (did I just write tickle my fancy…wow I suck). Having said that, this was no T Bone…it was a McRibs at best. I personally preferred the original by an inch but this jacked up Fast Food version hit the spot as well…in a different way. It was just so damn entertaining! Now are you going to place an order or just read my lousy “food analogies” all day…see the movie and judge for yourselves amigos! ARROW OUT!
The film was shot for an estimated 20 Million $ budget

Andrew Douglas only directed one feature before this in 2003 named: "Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus".

Ryan Reynolds first lead in a feature credit was in Ordinary Magic in 1993