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The Eye 2(2005)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Oxide Pang Chun
Danny Pang

Qi Shu/Joey
Eugenia Yuan/Yuen Chi-Kei
Jesdaporn Pholdee/Sam
6 10
After a failed suicide attempt, yummy-liscious Joey (Qi Shu) finds out that she’s with child and starts seeing RIP people at every turn. What the heck is going on? I won’t tell…but one thing is for certain, it’s going to be a long nine months!
Taking into account that The Eye put the fear of Zeus’ beard into my tarnished soul; I had high hopes for The Eye 2 which was also directed by the Pang Brothers. Word of yapper on it has been ho-hum to say the least but I had to live it for myself. So did it gouge my eyes out or send me straight to dead sheep counting land?

Although not the utter atrocity that many have claimed it was, The Eye 2 was still somewhat underwhelming. It’s a low down, skanky shame, where there was mucho potential at hand. Visually, the flick was arresting to say the least with the Pang Brothers having learned a thing or two since their last foray into ghost land. This was a way more mature effort on a technical level than the first The Eye (which was their debut). If slick style is your game, this one will be your Great Dane! Sit, stay, fetch, summersault, look pretty…this one did it all and then some! Thematically, this puppy came up with a couple of gnarly ideas along the way, having to do with the tie between reincarnation and newborns. That resulted in some nifty and at times shocking, “I’ve never seen shite like this before” moments. Got to love them flying ghosts heading for the holier than holies! I RESPECT THAT! The motive behind the madness was quite compelling as well and I dug how the mystery/motive revelation were handled throughout. The substance on display was definitely more emotionally resonant than the norm...how refreshing! Then there was lead actress Qi Shu (who you’ve seen in the macho fun-fest The Transporter) who was not only pleasant to the crotch but who also held her own like a champ, basically carrying the film with class on her slim and lick-able shoulders. I loved her and wish I could love every inch of her in my next life. Lastly the flick did sport a couple of heavily "yowzer" moments and potent jolts. Wait till you see what it rains in this film at some point or the high rise abortion technique...brrr... pretty ballsy stuff!

The problem with The Eye 2 was that the whole of it just wasn’t scary/engaging enough to get me stressed about what was going down. The ghosts weren't too threatening and the suspense was on a Slim-Fast diet. The storyline at hand contributed to the stale vibe too. It all got redundant after a while with our heroine failing to evolve as time went by. I mean, you would think that after 9 months of poltergeist shenanigans, she’d chill a tad and get used to it to some degree. Not this mess of a girl! GET A GRIP ALREADY! Which brings me to my final complaint; at a certain point, the true nature of the spirits was revealed and the lead’s unwavering reaction to them after the fact didn’t make much sense to me. I perceived her stubbornness in NOT accepting what was happening as an obvious disposal of logic in the name of trying to keep her (and we) scared. It didn’t work.

On the whole, The Eye 2 was a flawed yet still watchable effort. It could’ve been worse but at the same time, it could’ve been much better. Somebody get this one a pair of glasses pronto! (don't even ask me what that one means)
We get lots of blood (mostly leaking out from between a chick's legs), a bloodied baby (yuk) and some messy aftermaths.
Qi Shu (Joey) has the makings of a “star” with pants dropping looks and strong acting chops to boot. She's one of the main reasons as to why this flick is at least worth one look. Eugenia Yuan (Yuen Chi -Kei) displayed the right emotionally damaged and creepy demeanor to sell the role. Jesdaporn Pholdee (Sam) underplayed it and it worked. Fine acting by all!
T & A
I can look at the work of art on two legs that is actress Qi Shu 24/7 dressed or undressed. The film gave us dressed (damn you) but I know websites that give me undressed….mouaaaaaaaaa!
Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang spanked the hooker on both cheeks with a wide array of visual tricks that ranged from quick-cut madness, to fast motion, slow motion, a groovy use of blurriness while bathing it all in a blanket of dread. Good stuff!
We get some engaging techno and an even more enthralling orchestral score by Payont Term Sit. Loved it
The Eye 2 was a brave/harsh film in places (pregnant women beware), was striking to the eye and showcased a couple of swell concepts. It’s a shame that a lot of it played out flat and/or non-sensical and that redundancy was too often the name of the game! Thank goodness for the visual treasures that were Qi Shu’s gorgeous face, Qi Shu’s supple breasts, Qi Shu’s lucious legs, Qi Shu’s heart shaped ass and yes, even Qi Shu’s well oiled acting gears…she kept me in the ring! Eye see a franchise on life support and eye see a lousy writer with lousy puns… eye see me!
A second sequel to The Eye exists, it’s called The Eye 10 (don’t ask me why), is a horror/comedy (don’t ask why again) and is again directed by the Pang Brothers.

The original title for all of The Eye movies is Jian gui.