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The Fury(1978)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Brian DePalma

Kirk Douglas/Peter
John Cassavetes/Ben
Amy Irving/Gillian
Charles Durning/Jim
8 10
Ex CIA badass Peter Sandza (Kirk Douglas) is seeking his psychic son (Andrew Stevens) who was kidnapped by a shady organization that wants to use his powers for their own gain. You don't mess with The Douglas!

Quentin Tarantino once said: “When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, no, I went to films.” Although I did do 2 years of film school, I gotta say it, I learned more about cinema watching movies and being on sets wearing different hats than in a classroom. It is with that mentality that I have been going back to older pictures helmed by Masters of their craft to get inspired and educated further. And one said film is BRIAN DEPALMA’s 1978 THE FURY (WATCH IT HERE), based on John Farris book of the same name, which to this day doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It is somewhat eclipsed by the similarly themed (telekinesis) CARRIE which came out two years earlier and was also directed by DePalma.

And it’s a tad of a shame, because THE FURY is a grand affair, one that I personally boogied too way more than CARRIE, which I always felt was overrated (and dated as f*ck). On that, I must give the latter yet another shot, maybe next time I’ll finally love it as much as everybody else does, maybe not. Now, what I adored about THE FURY was its bold mix of action, spy thriller and horror party! It weaved its varied genres together masterfully and made all them spices work as a delicious whole and then some! I was mucho engrossed from beginning to end by the sordid happenings on hand. Whether via witnessing all around tough guy Sandza (Kirk Douglas) elude his pursuers to find his son, or taking in teenage psychic Gillian’s (Amy Irving) journey in her “special school” (of course there was a Carrie style bully to fend off) or the visceral tomfoolery on display when it came to the disturbed, all powerful and quasi Damien Thorne-ish Robin (Andrew Stevens) – I was ALL IN!

Moreover, DePalma went buck-nuts when it came to visually lavish and eye popping set pieces. I worshipped the way he conveyed the psychic visions (a back screen playing said visions... clever) while the institute escape scene (played out in silence and in slow motion no less) should be included in every film class! That bit alone made it all worthwhile for me! I have been studying that scene like crazy. Talk about pure cinematic genius that we simply don’t see anymore. Say what you will about DePalma, but when the dude was “on” he was ON! Casting wise, it was a big treat, any way you cut it! Kirk Douglas was cool as f*ck and fit like an hoax (impressive, he was in his 60's). I bought that a man of his age could mess people up. John Cassettes was chilling as the main villain, Andrew Stevens was eerie and threatening as the man-child with way too much power for his own good and Amy Irving (who also starred in DePalma’s Carrie) was vulnerable and endearing. Some have criticized her “whiny” acting – I didn’t get that – she was all-good to me! Carrie Snodgress, Fiona Lewis and Charles Durning also lent able support. Grade A cast!

Tag to all that quality: intense action/chase scenes, a brilliant Bernard Herrmann like score by King John Williams, stand out practical effects (loved that vein in the forehead popping out gag) and a handful of gory bits that will have you drooling (that last one should be in the record books) and you get one hell of a movie! Any drawbacks? Some. I did feel the flick could have shaved off a good 10 to 15 minutes off its ass as there were minor pacing issues. My biggest beef though was that I expected way more from that last act. I dug what I saw; I just wanted more of it! I also didn’t fully buy the outcome (Couldn’t the dude levitate?) but maybe I missed something. I’m dense that way.

On the whole THE FURY was an ambitious and stylish genre bender with lots of coin in its back-pocket to toss at the screen. It deserves to step out from under Carrie’s shadow and stand tall and proud already!

We get some blood, a disturbing psychic torture scene and one hell of an exploding body.
T & A
Nothing but a bare back. Very Un-DePalma.
In my pitiful world, it’s hard to go wrong with Brian DePalma cooking a chunky big budget stew of horror, thriller and action while going ape shit with the operatic visuals and the red grub. The solid cast that populated the movie (When in doubt; Kirk Douglas!) also added to the overall awesomeness of the piece! Yeah the thing could have been shorter and that last act didn’t fully satisfy me but on a whole if you’re serious about cinema, you owe it to yourself to catch THE FURY. You may learn a thing or two...
Jim Belushi was an extra on the film but was fired. You can still see the lad briefly in the beginning.

The popping out vein gag was supposed to be in Carrie but they didn't have the money. So DePalma did it here.

Daryl Hannah and Laura Innes were also extras in the film.