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The Hazing(2004)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Rolfe Kanefsky

Nectar Rose/Delia
Phillip Andrew/Doug
Parry Shen/Tim
Professor Kapps/Brad Dourif
7 10
A group of young pledges are sent on a Scavenger Hunt that eventually leads them to a spooky house. Once inside; possessions, ample boobies and amusing “kills” follow. Take out the Mayonnaise! It’s that time. What time? PARTY TIME!

“I didn't plan on spending the evening killing my friends." - Delia

Taking its cue from The Evil Dead and Night of the Demons while tossing a tiny pinch of “The Thing” in there for good measure, The Hazing attempted to channel the evil and horny souls of past 80’s horror party movies. Was the séance a success? Read on buckaroos!

I didn’t expect much when popping this one in my DVD Player and wound up having quite the fiesta on my couch with it! High props must be given out to all involved on many echelons! First the casting on hand was beyond excellent! Not only were all of the performers highly credible in their roles but they were also mucho likeable (yes, even the Nerd type)! That’s rare in a flick of this ilk! GOOD JOB! Out of all the stellar human cattle on hand, my favorite character was the sexy Nectar Rose as Delia. The gal came across as a mix of Meg Ryan and that wet dream I had last week (that’s a good thing). I simply couldn’t get enough of her charismatic delivery and the flimsy “Playboy Bunny” get-up she wore for the duration of the film. Yes at my house it’s Easter every damn day! WE LOVE BUNNIES!

Another high note this cheap-trick proudly sang was in its inspired and highly entertaining murder set pieces. Although most likely limited by a moderate budget, the movie did all that it could to distribute the goods and then let creativity, resourcefulness and lots of red slosh gap the rest. You got to respect that! Kanefsky’s keen eye jacked-up my enjoyment of the festivities as well! The lad padded his visual jock-strap quite heavily with zany camera movements, lots of liveliness and Evil Dead like spirit POV shots up the ying-yang. Always fun stuff! Speaking of Raimi’s classic, the writer/director didn’t hide the fact that he’s a huge fan of the series here. Any flick that slaps up Bruce Campbell’s mug more than once throughout its running time is all good on my chopping block. Add to that all sweet, sweet candy; constant clever/funny dialogue, an effortless pace, an overall raunchy aura and a groovy last frame that had me smirking like Damien after an “oopsies” and you get a shin-dig worth crashing!

On the watered down side of the Punch Bowl; I personally found the set up to be too long. The shite only hit the fan at like 40 minutes in! My biggest peeve however was the “dumb-dumb” characters moves which had me throwing used tissues at the screen. Here’s one example; if I see my friend bite off his own tongue and then witness that same tongue display a “life” of its own; I’m f*cking out of the house, I don’t give a hoot-nanny if the door is locked, I’m busting through it. That’s just me. The characters in The Hazing were hardly fazed by any of the horror that went down and loved "splitting up", even when knowing damn well that things are very freaking wrong in the house. That decreased the stakes, the urgency and the “fear factor” of the situation. Lastly I wasn’t crazy about the possession makeup or some of the computer generated effects where they looked a tad tacky. But I let that go easily; it just needed to be said.

All things considered The Hazing was dumb, fun and full of yum! This fly ride had all of its “horror party” bases covered and ran with them as far as it could. It didn’t take itself seriously, aimed to entertain and in that respect it came through gangbusters! LET’S GET LAID AND SLAUGHTERED!
We get a bludgeoning, an impaling, a chewed off tongue, three gnarly beheadings, syringes in the eye/chest, an axe in the neck/head and blood splats. Chef Boyardee would be proud!
Nectar Rose (Delia) should really consider a career in being “my wife”! Joking aside; the gal was very natural and a cutie to boot! Brad Dourif (Professor Kapps) always gives his best in his performances; no matter how small the role. Here was no exception; the man was intense and he sold the character; hence the situation. I also dug hearing that “Chucky Laugh” we all know and love. Tiffany Shepis (Marsha) gave an adequate delivery and the camera freaking loved her! Talk about photogenic! Parry Shen (Tim) played a geek while managing to be appealing at the same time. GIVE THE DUDE AN OSCAR! Phillip Andrew (Doug) ran with the part and gave a rock solid show. Good job!
T & A
When a film has more than 3 tit shots, I stop counting, get up and applause. That was the case with The Hazing. It should be noted that the gorgeous Nectar Rose gave us a glimpse at her two wonders while Tiffany Shepis took off her top and her bottom too (you see that “derriere”… wow)! Everybody else gets a couple of dudes shirtless.
Rolfe Kanefsky double dipped in the Sam Raimi bowl and delivered a flashy and wild shot filled opus. Don’t get me wrong he didn’t only resort to emulating Raimi (he came up with some slick shots of his own) but the influence in this particular picture was felt big time.
We get an adequate pseudo creepy score and a witty use of a “happy go lucky” ditty for an engaging montage sequence.
The Hazing was a handful of scrumptious “Smarties”! We get our wet gore, our appetizing female flesh, some knee slapping dialogue and all kinds of Evil Dead references. What’s not to love? Sure, I can’t say that the affair scared me much and its moronic character moves did lessen its impact, but when the pooch was screwed, I had a riot-act with this silly-willy film none the less. I recommend you triple bill it gang! Hit this one up with Night of the Demons and The Convent and thank me later by inviting me to your next party. The escorts and the brews are on you!
“The script for “The Hazing” was written about six years ago; prompted by the “SCREAM’ wave.

Rolfe Kanefsky worked with Nectar Rose in the past on an MTV soap opera named “Spyder Games”

Nectar Rose’ real name is Nectar Amber Rose (do I smell Hippie parents?). You’ve seen her in L.A. Confidential (she played “Marilyn Monroe”) and as one-half of the Siamese twins in Not Another Teen Movie.