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The Stepfather 2(1989)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jeff Burr

Terry O’Quinn/The Stepfather
Meg Foster/Carol
Caroline Williams/Matty
Jonathan Brandis/Todd
7 10
Daddy Dearest survived those gunshots and that penetrating knife wound he got at the end of the original. Now residing in a mental hospital, one track papa breaks out, kills a few people and settles in a nice neighborhood posing as a "family" head shrinker. There he hooks up with a beautiful divorcee (Foster) and her son (Brandis). But with Stepfather’s luck Carol (Foster) has a meddling ex-husband, a snoop of a best friend (Williams) and likes pre marital sex!!! Will Stepboy be on time for his wedding day? Sure, but first he’s got some time to kill. Make room for daddy.
Worthy follow up to the original. It doesn’t come close to surpassing it but doesn’t embarrass it either (like part 3). Yes, I know it’s not as tight as the first, that Stepfather’s private outbursts now come across as the whining of a big baby instead of psychotic rage, I too noticed that Stepboy has more one liners and that some of the characters are obviously put in the film to get in his way. But where else can you see crazy pop break out of a mental institute (bloody), watch "Home Dating Service" videotapes (funny), deal with sex before marriage, have some male bonding with a little boy (cute) and have the weirdest, most violent wedding this side of my aunts nuptials? Right here. Here comes the bride, splattered in red!!!
Not gory but excessively violent. We see some red but it’s not over done. My favorite scene has to do with Stepfather opening a new bottle of wine…cheers!!!
Terry O Quinn gives another powerful turn bringing a bit more humor to the character. Stepfather seems to enjoy killing more than he did in the first one. No shame in a man taking pleasure in his work. Meg Foster (Carol) brings a quiet sensual feel to her character and has the most expressive eyes I have ever seen on screen. Caroline Williams (Matty) plays the "snoop" friend perfectly. You want her to bite the big one. Jonathan Brandis surprised the hell out of me. He’s a child actor but he’s not annoying and can actually act…good work young man.
T & A
A sex scene but no nudity…Stepfather doesn’t believe in it.
Positive and negative at the same time. I applaud the director for filming it in a total different way than the original. This one has more style, lots of filters (blue, red, orange) more plays on lighting and lots of bright colors. The movie looks different and original but doesn’t have the feel of "total reality" the first one had.
Solid score.
A fun time with a knockout "finale". This sequel gives us more insight into the Stepfather’s twisted mind and puts him in situations he wasn’t put through in the original. Seeing him squirm out of everything is fun, almost as fun as watching him murder people. I actually felt bad for the guy, his intentions are so honorable and if he would work on that temper, I’m sure he’d find that family he’s longing for. Keep trying buddy!
The original Stepfather had a budget of $3 million dollars, this one wuz shot for under $2 million.