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Warlock 2: The Armageddon(1993)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Anthony Hickox

Julian Sands/The Warlock
Chris Young/Kenny
Paula Marshall/Samantha
Steve Kahan/Will
7 10
That dashing Warlock is back, this time he’s after magic stones that have the power to open the gates of hell and let old scratch into our world. Collecting them is not much of a hassle for the blonde sorcerer until he crosses path with "druids" descendant Samantha (Marshall) and Kenny (Young). Let the battle begin.
The original Warlock was owned by "New World", when that company went under, the film sat on the shelves for years. That’s until Trimark bought it and released it in 1990. It was a sleeper hit but Trimark didn’t think it got the exposure it deserved. That is why this sequel is not advertised as one. They feel not enough people saw the first one.

So this is more of a retelling than a sequel. A different take on the same theme. Thank god "Julian Sands" returns as the Warlock, in my book he’s irreplaceable. But what really elevates this film higher than the usual straight to video junk is it’s director, Anthony Hickox. The man sure knows how to handle a camera. He infuses this sequel with style to boot. His kinetic vibe didn’t really fit in "Hellraiser 3" but it’s right at home here. The finale is a great blend of "western flick" and Superman 2. There’s also a scene that feels like a nod to the original Superman: when the Warlock takes Joanna Pakula for a midnight flight. Although in Superman it turns romantic, the Warlock is not the gentleman Superman is…it gets messy…

On the negative side the story is not as solid as in the original. The whole deal with druids, nature and a vomit inducing love story has tendency to either bog the story down or give it a "Disney" kind of vibe. And if you’re gonna have a "bully" subplot, please do something interesting with it…pretty please… I will admit that for a budget of 3 million (the original cost 8 million) this film does give us solid visual effects and lots of imagination. It’s always fun to see photogenic Sands dispatch of various side characters in creative bloody ways.

The Warlock is back and he’s still got a few spells to cast.
The Warlock is a messy little son of Satan, his gooey birth alone is worth the price of rental. His ways of "persuading" people to give him the stones are pretty cruel and usually very red. More gore than you would think in this puppy…
Julian Sands (Warlock), his name alone is synonymous with "camera friendly". The man looks great, dressed in a trendy black suit, the witch is no bitch. He gives the Warlock a more straight forward edge than in the first. The Warlock seems a bit more pissed and not as playful. Sands nails it again. Chris Young (Kenny) reminds me of Corey Haim.. He has too many stinky "one liners" and I just don’t think he’s likeable. But don’t trust The Arrow on this one cause the ladies love him…so I’ve been told. Steve Kahan (Will) does the best thing he could’ve done with a part like this…underplay it. He’s on the money. Paula Marshall (Samantha) is a fox and she can act, unfortunately for her she’s the one that has the worst lines. But she comes out of it ok.
T & A
Julian Sands reveals his magic wand and his butt. We also get some quick breast and butt action via a fashion show but it’s mostly ladies night tonight, so enjoy salivating over Sands' cut chest and all other parts.
Hickox is the man. Without his direction this movie could’ve been quite boring. Freeze frames, slow motion, crazy camera angles and a brilliant use of sound. Hichkox gives us an eye full and rarely stops to catch his breath. He’s the movie’s adrenaline shot.
A groovy techno song during the fashion show and an Omen like chanting score. Decent
I enjoyed this one more than the original but for all the wrong reasons. It focuses more on Sands and has way more action. Where the original Warlock had more of that "serious horror film vibe" this one goes for the "rollercoaster" feel. The story is at times very hokey and the lead (Young) is kind of annoying but Hickox’s furious style and Sands charismatic turn gives this movie the edge it needs. Slap in some kool visual effect, some fun gore and you’ve got an adequate horror serving. It won’t put you into a magical trance but it will surely entertain.
Notice the Zach Galligan cameo (Gremlins) and Joanna Pakula (The Kiss) also has a small stint in this one. (she’s still gorgeous).

I guess this one didn’t have the success expected cause the third Warlock is already out on tape and hardly had any publicity. Another sour note is that Julian Sands does not return for part 3, he’s replaced by an older actor named Bruce Payne (he’s the bad guy in Passenger 57)…On the positive front part 3 stars Ashley Lawrence of "Hellraiser" fame.