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While She Was Out(2009)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Susan Montford

Kim Basinger/Della
Lukas Haas/Chuckie
Craig Sheffer/Kenneth
6 10
On Christmas Eve, hot MILF Della (Basigner) has an argument with her abusive, cock-knocker of a husband (Sheffer) and then heads out to buy some wrapping paper (why the f*ck not). She eventually has an alteration with a group of young punks; they chase her around; she kills them…a lot!
Much like most promising looking genre flicks now of late, WHILE SHE WAS OUT got a limited theatrical release and is now out wide on DVD. So I finally got a chance at slapping it silly with baby-oil in tow, and here’s how she fought back… the sly lassie.

I perceived WHILE SHE WAS OUT as three movies rolled into one. On one end, it was a clear parallel to the RED RIDING HOOD fairy tale. Kim Basigner, in the woods with her red toolbox chased by the big bad wolf and his pack of bitches. On the other end, it played out as some pseudo feminist piece. Chick got pushed too far by a bad man (Alec Baldwin?), she now fights back a group of small bad boys… female empowerment, you go girl type jive. And finally, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that saw it this way, the flick also reminded me of Predator but with Kim Basigner standing in for the kill happy alien. Seeing her hunt these “tiny-tot badass wannabes” in the woods echoed the aforementioned film. I half expected her to go into camouflage mode at one point. Odd I know but my one brain cell works in mysterious ways sometimes... that was one of them times.

The film itself had an easy enough pace and became fairly relentless once the first body hit the floor. To be honest, I didn’t think this one would be gory, it just didn’t feel like THAT film. So imagine my surprise when some dude’s face got impaled by a tire iron. DAMN! That’s when I knew I was in for a much grislier game then the set-up had put out. And I got to say it, plausible or not, I got my rocks off seeing Kim Basigner going on a slasher inspired spree. It’s freaking Kim Basigner and she’s 9 and a Half Weeking these twats Voorhees style! Who knew? Loved it! Other than that, there was some suspense, a couple of a cool concepts arose (loved that toolbox of death shtick) while Kim Basigner and Lucas Haas kept me hooked via their potent chemistry together. Potentially ballsy plot directions were in the house as well but alas the movie didn’t take the right turns…which brings me to my problems with this PMS charged offering.

The last block of the picture hinted at some pretty exciting directions as to how it could all end but the movie pussied out and took the conventional route instead. Kind of a bummer….there was something “awesome” there. Same thing went for the last frame which felt more like a cop-out or a “we don’t know how to end it” move as opposed to an organic ending. And what was up with that should be in diapers street gang? I’m supposed to be scared of these mooks? Nothing a back-hand couldn’t have solved 10 minutes in. Finally, I was sometimes unclear as to where the film was coming from. Was it supposed to be this damn illogical? Was it aiming to be so funny? Was the characterization so HAMMER OVER THE HEAD blatant because it wanted to be? And was the dialogue stinky-poo on purpose? Lines like “"How about I aim the gun at your pussy?" had me rolling on the floor! Who says that???? Or wait till you hear the bad kids talk about Basigner as if she’s a vengeful spirit…WTF? I spit my beer out on that one. I guess the whole “it’s a modern fairy tale” angle kind of threw me off as to what was intentional and what wasn’t with this one. That’s a no-no in my book, a flick should be clear as to its intent even towards dim witted f*ck-heads such as myself.

As the end credits rolled, I was smiling and could say I had a decent time with the film for the right and wrong reasons. Nothing to slaughter your family over but it’s a good Sunday afternoon time waster while your chick is out there buying clothes for her lover with your credit card. So what are you gonna do while she’s out?
Don’t wanna give the kills away because they’re part of this one’s fun; so yeah, tools are put to good use on scumbags.
Kim Basinger (Della) did the trick for the most part but I didn’t fully buy her emotional responses to the events at hand in places. Not sure if it was bad acting or just weird choices. It should be said, chick still looks sizzling fine! Lukas Haas (Chuckie) didn’t seem like ideal casting for this type of role but he brought so much nuance to it and played it so real, that I went with it. Craig Sheffer (Kenneth) was very angry — he does very angry well
T & A
Basigner asks a guy to “f*ck her” which was a major turn on all by itself. She kept the top on though. Tease…
I really dug the steady-cam opening, gripping way to start a picture. The rest of the film got the job done. Tension was achieved, the dark woods came off threatening enough, we got a handful of slick shots and the pacing was clipped. Was all right.
Straight up, I don’t remember, I guess it didn’t leave an impression way or another.
WHILE SHE WAS OUT gave me an hour and a half of harmless entertainment. I was into it, dug the kills and a couple of turns did surprise me. Not sure if the characterization for dummies, the lapses in logic and the random putrid lines of dialogue were intentional or not — either way I could have done without them. And yes that ending fell flat on its face. COME ON! Could’ve done better than that. With that stabbed, gutted and sold at the fish market, I’ve seen much worse, so you’re at a loss as to how to murder some time? Give it a shot…IN THE FACE!
Writer/Director and hot babe Susan Montford also produced the fun action flick SHOOT EM UP.

Kim Basigner turned down the role in Basic Instinct (1992) - Sharon Stone took it.