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Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies(1999)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jack Sholder

Andrew Divoff/The Djinn
Holly Fields/Morgana
Paul Johansson/Gregory
5 10
The Djinn (Divoff) is once again released from his prison, this time by a cute art thief (Fields) but he needs to collect 1001 souls before he can get the 3 wishes that will connect his world to ours. 1001 souls…that’s a lot of work, where can an evil genie go to shop for those? Of course…Vegas baby…Vegas…
Not really a sequel, more a remake of the original that ups the humor and downs the budget. I’ll go pro and con with this one.


We see more of Andrew Divoff without makeup and he hams it up deliciously..

The Djinn is put into various interesting settings: the scenes with him in jail are hilarious, the Djin in Vegas or the Djin hangin with the Russian mob…fun times.

The humour is darker and more prominent than in the first, ever seen a guy f..k himself up the ass??? Now that’s funny!


The effects are vastly inferior to the original’s: in the beginning they’re pretty good but as the movie rolls on, they get weaker and sillier looking.

The end slaughter scene in Vegas feels rushed and doesn’t go the distance with the opportunities it has.

The story is too similar to the original’s except it’s less thought out.

I didn’t care for the subplot involving ex-boyfriend priest Gregory (Johansson), the \"redemption\" theme left me indifferent and the choice to not follow or respect the \"djinn\" rules set up in the first one was kind of a cheat.

It mostly comes down to budget. This one just didn’t have enough money to achieve what it set out to do properly. So the movie feels half baked, cheap and put out for the buck. I WISH the next Wishmaster has a BIGGER budget…
Enough…There’s a guy that goes through prison bars (juicy), literally. The opening scene has some nice gooey stuff going around and the end carnage in Vegas does offer a few goodies. There’s one girl who defecates gambling chips… now that’s different!
Holly Fields (Morgana) gives an interesting mix of vulnerability and strength to her part. She also looks great in skimpy outfits. Paul Johansson (Gregory) is pretty boring, I mean he’s got the looks but he doesn’t have that special something to make him interesting onscreen. Andrew Divoff (Djin) is having a jolly old time, going further with his interpretation of the Djin. The Djin acts less \"human\" even in humanoid form and that gives place to some really funny bits. Just the way he looks at people who want to kick his arse…with a big fat grin on his face…it cracked me up. His performance keeps the movie alive.
T & A
I WISH there was…
Sholder does what he can with the low budget. In lesser hands this could’ve been a total disaster. But Sholder capitalizes on Divoff’s presence, makes the movie look slick and moves the film at a quick pace…maybe too quick…It’s too bad the visual effects (computer ones) are weak, they tarnish the movie’s feel.
I WISH I remembered the score…
It doesn’t measure up to the original. On it’s own it does offer us a few laughs, a few creative kills and Divoff’s different take on the sultan of mayhem is definitely entertaining. He keeps the movie afloat and makes it worth a peek. I think it boils down to \"are you a Divoff fan\", if so check it out, if not rent the first one again…it’s carries the same themes, is more developed and has gnarlier effects.
Divoff told The Arrow that he no longer will play the Wishmaster. But there’s two sequels in the works filming back to back…bad idea. It reminds of Stepfather 3 without Terry O Quinn…it won\'t work.