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Witch Hunter Robin #5-6(2003)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Shukou Murase

Amon/Crispin Freeman
Robin/ Kari Whahlgren
Karasuma/Wendy Lee
Steven Jay BlumKurosawa
10 10
The pussy is out of the bag as Robin and company finally figure out the evil conspiracy within the STN-J and aim to put an end to it. Simultaneously, Robin figures out who she really is…full circle baby…full circle.

A witch must always be hunted. - Amon

Every time I fall in deep, unadulterated love with a TV show…it ends. First came “V”, then “Twin Peaks”, “The X-Files” and now “Witch Hunter Robin”. Yup the dream is over, last call has been shouted…the crack whore is out of fluids…the high class escort has no knee skin left...you get my drift…

In retrospect, one aspect that I truly boogied to with this series was its restraint. Actually now that I think of it, along with the compelling storyline, the stellar animation, the gripping score and the endearing characters, the series’ self-control when it came to giving up its answers or/and running with its relationships was one of the key factors as to why I kept coming back to it. Maybe the show did stretch its subplots for a tad too long but for me that played in my favor since I never wanted it to end. I could’ve watched Witch Hunter Robin, over and over and over again. Thankfully, these last two disks (8 last episodes) brought the curtain down with gusto. Not only did the plot thicken into unpredictable directions but we were also blessed with all kinds of new badass nemesis’ kicking in for our viewing pleasure (that Fop Witch was creepy).

To make matters much slicker, it seemed that everybody behind the series took their Flintstone Vitamins for the final stretch as the visuals and the music were pushed even further than what was presented to us thus far. Character wise, everybody got more screen time, got to shine and was put at risk. I even got to warm up hardcore to one particular new player in the guise of the mysterious Kurosawa. I’ll miss you, you “connected”, “fur coat” wearing bastard! Moreover since the stakes were raised higher so were the back handing plot turns and the enthralling Witch VS Witch confrontations. I so didn’t see many of the revelations coming and Robin’s increased powers made way for a slew of hooker stabbing action delish scenes. And finally, we get rewarding answers in regards to the shady characters and what exactly was going on in this zany world. Made watching the whole series even more worthwhile than it already was.

My sole bitch, would have to do with the last frames of the last show as I really wanted to see two specific characters again but they didn’t resurface, I know the move was made in the name of ambiguity but hey man, I love these people, couldn’t I’ve seen them one last time to say a proper goodbye (i.e. downing a couple of shots of Burbon in their honor)? I know, I know, I need life a bootie call and a bootie call for my bootie call but what can I say, I freaking loved this anime! All in all these two disks were an outstanding finish to what was throughout an excellent series. Burn baby burn, Robin Inferno, burn baby burn!

I again watched the show with the English dubbing. I’d like to give specific props to Crispin Freeman (Amon) and Kari Whahlgren (Robin) for entertaining me for all this time with their bang on interpretations. Furthermore, thank you to everybody that contributed in giving their voices to all these wonderful characters; you all did an impeccable job!
T & A
They imply that Robin sleeps in the nude…no we don’t really see anything but the implication was enough to get my marbles rolling…what’s wrong with me? SHE’S A CARTOON! The ladies get Amon looking like the good dashing mofo that he is.
Shukou Murase surpassed himself with these last 8 episodes by triple dipping in the zany angles, kinetic fight bits and the arresting atmosphere sauce bucket. The show never looked so good!
The awesome Shell and Half Pain by “Bana” acted as bookends to the show while Taku Iwasaki’s upped the ante in terms of his stirring score. AMAZING!
The first 3 Volumes of Witch Hunter Robin filled my empty corporal shell, the fourth disk actually had me cancel a blind date to watch it and I simply didn’t want these two last chapters to ever conclude, I was having such a blast! High quality in terms of visuals & screenplays, lots of heart/imagination, dazzling action and charm up the wazooo; my journey in Robin Land was quite a fulfilling one. Thanks to all on worked on the show for the wild ride! Now when’s my Live- Action Witch Hunter Robin movie coming out? GET TO IT!
The two disks I covered in this review are called: WITCH HUNTER ROBIN — DETERMINATION (Volume 5) and WITCH HUNTER ROBIN — VENGEANCE (Volume 6)

STN-J stands for "Solomon Toukatsu Nin'idantai Japan" i.e. "Solomon Control Center Japan". Japan.