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Witchcraft 11: Sisters in Blood(1999)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Ron Ford

Miranda Odeil/Colleen
Lauren Ian Richards/Marie
Kathleen St Lawrence/Keri
Stephanie Beaton/Detective Lutz
4 10
Three hot to trot babelicious girls are rehearsing for a play. The play is \"Macbeth\" and to get deeper into character they decide to go to a graveyard, prance around naked and chant incantations. Their proud display of breasts resurrects the spirit of 3 evil sisters. The three thespians get possessed one by one by the horny spirits and eventually wreck havoc at their school, dispatching the occasional bad actor and always taking a break for some good old fashion lesbian activity. But the fun won’t last forever cause badass cop Detective Lutz (Beaton) and comic sidekick Detective Gardner (a kinky version of Mulder n Scully) are on the case, the girls don’t stand a chance…Lutz’s melons are bigger then theirs…
I never laughed so much in my entire life. I literally fell off my couch, holding my stomach. This is what I like to call a \"porno\" movie for people who don’t like porno movies but still enjoy the occasional date with a box of Kleenex. The story is a thin excuse to show some young (and older) skin and to showcase a little bit of that red stuff. The dialogue is just plain silly (Priest: Is there a fire? Girl: Only in your pants.) and the actor’s deliveries are pathetic. The effects are laughable, a guy that falls off a building (an obvious dummie), dime store gore and one hilarious laser finale that sent me into a laughing fit. Having said all this, I must admit I enjoyed this movie but on whole different level. As a serious movie…it’s not even close but as high camp filled with corny lines, crude gore, tits n ass and sexual activity…it works. Lets peek under this ones shirt.
Most of the gore is cheap looking but the \"pencil in the eye\" scene worked well and I thought the \"living dead\" spirits of the sisters looked pretty creepy. The finale has the most visual effects and trust me you will be broken into a fit of laughter and tears.
Most of the actors in this movie, seem to be acting alone. They don’t feed off each other, they don’t listen to each other…no teamwork whatsoever. They also don’t seem to know their lines too good…a lot of searching for em. Miranda Odeil (Colleen) is the closest we get to acting in this flick. She’s OK but has difficulty with the more \"dramatic\" moments. Lauren Ian Richards (Marie) and Kathleen St Lawrence (Keri) do a lot of \"evil laughing\" and threesome scenes. James Servais (Will) almost put me to sleep, he delivers his text with the energy of a dead whore…back to Burger King he goes. Arthur Ramsden (Don) kinda looks like Burt Reynolds and seems to be having fun with the part (I would too, he has many sex scenes with young girls). Mike Robbins (Gardner) is on and off but at least he seems like he’s trying to give a good performance. Stephanie Beaton (Lutz) does good with what she’s given but plays her role on one note the whole way: pissed off.
T & A
Mmmm… A LOT OF IT…You want naked chicks, threesomes, lesbian scenes this movie is for you. Stephanie Beaton finally confirms what I suspected all along: she has a terrific body. Wow.
Ford handles it all competently. Some nice shots, a few kool scenes (I love the graveyard scene…spooky), some nice lighting and he even manages to build some minor suspense in a certain \"stalk\" scene (quite a feat since we don’t care about the characters).
Apart from a lousy \"love\" song the score is adequate.
I know this sounds like a very positive review, it isn’t. I want you guys to know that I’m reviewing this film on a different level. All the laughs it brought me weren’t intentional. This is the first \"Witchcraft\" flick I ever see. I was never one for softcore porno horror. I go one way or the other…don\'t like to mix. This movie has a small budget and the storyline is not important…the tits and the gore are. So if you’re in the mood for a solid piece of cinema, look elsewhere but if you want to laugh hard at some lousy acting, see some cheaper than cheap gore, see a priest get raped by two nubile possessed nymphs and get a woody out of extensive nudity and sex scenes…this buds for you…just remember to keep the Kleenex far away from your popcorn.
Stephanie Beaton also appeared in Witchcraft IX: Bitter Flesh and Witchcraft X: Mistress Of The Craft.