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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Gavin Hood

Hugh Jackman/Logan/Wolverine
Liev Schreiber /Victor Creed/Sabretooth
Danny Huston/Stryker
Ryan Reynolds/Wade Wilson/Deadpool
6 10
The film explores how mutant Logan (Jackman) came to become the metal claw swinging, cigar chomping and berserking on his “off” days WOLVERINE that we all know and love.
I never followed the X-MEN comics or its offshoots in any capacity, hence I can’t compare this origin to the one that was within its source material. So my take on WOLVERINE will be as a film on its own. I did sink my claws into the movie adaptations though with X2 being my top one, X-MEN looming right behind it and X3, well, nough said about that one. So it was with high hopes and a man-crush on Wolverine that I berserked into the theatres ready to get my dues. Advance buzz had been lousy on the movie, but I didn’t give an ounce of a sprinkle of a shit about that jive. BRING IT I THOUGH! And it was broughten.

WOLVERINE started off strong, real damn strong for that matter, via a visceral opening credits montage that communicated Wolvie and Sabretooth’s involvement in many wars over the years (dudes are basically immortal btw). That intro alone put me in a mind set that I was in for something pretty badass. I was almost right. On the upside, the casting here was tight, tight, tight! Jackman owned once again the too cool for school sideburn abuser, Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth) made for a charismatic (and pumped up) psycho delight and special mention goes out to Ryan Reynolds’ short but memorable bit as Wade/Deadpool. Dude was funny as usual and pretty damn gnarlyl. That sword play stuff he pulled during the first main action sequence was NUTS! More on Deadpool further down by the way.

Visually… I liked what I saw! I got to be honest; I loathe it when Studios get unknown or punch the clock directors for their big comic book adaptations. So when I learned that Gavin Hood was helming Wolverine as opposed to say a Bryan Singer, I was like who the f*ck is Gavin Hood? Yup, I got concerned. Thankfully my panties were in a bunch for nothing. There’s a lot wrong with the film but Hood wasn’t it. He pulled through with an able capitalizing of his awe inspiring exterior locations and by putting out exciting, a firm handle on his drama and well choreographed /slyly shot action sequences. Dude did a great job in my opinion! The screenwriters, Studio or editors (i.e. whomever was responsible for how the narrative unraveled onscreen) on the other hand? That was another story.

And here’s THAT story. Past the half hour mark, something started to smell rotten in Denmark, and when I say Denmark, I mean this movie! The narrative lost its easy and organic flow by rushing through some of its most important subplots. Pacing became a tad clunky too; we got one plot twist to may during the last block, while some of the editing choices SCREAMED over-tinkering in Post. And what was up with the uneven CGI? Not that it was THAT bad, but you come to expect the best from a production of this clout; this was far from the best. Same went for the occasional ho hum sets that underwhelmed me. Where did the money go yo? Roids for Jackman? With that said, even with these severe muck-ups in tow, I was still entertained on varied levels throughout, mostly kept in the game by Hugh Jackman's wonderful performance and the eye candy on the screen. And by the time the three way fist to cuff went down near the end, I was back in hardcore, having a freaking blast and a half with it all. ARROW FANBOY MOMENT NOTE: I have to thank this film for getting me interested in the DEADPOOL character. I knew of him before this film but that was pretty much it. But now I’ll be heading to my nearest comic store to seek out some DEADPOOL stuff. . So muchos gracias Mr. WOLVERINE for that.

So in all yes our good bud Logan deserved a more well rounded and better put together origin story than what we got. But at the end of the gutting, I still had a hoot with the film and got enough goodies tossed my way to NOT feel like I wasted coin. The flick will divide many no doubt; but personally, I dug it. BTW, my lawyer’s number is 1-800-SUE-ME-I-DON’T-OWN SHIT if you got a problem with that.
We get bullet hits, stabbings, a beheading and some minor blood. The film was brutal but not particularly graphic.
Hugh Jackman (Logan / Wolverine) knows the role well by now and he brought his A Game to the film. Emotional, intense and totally credible; needless to say he kept me hooked when the story was flopping. Liev Schreiber (Victor Creed / Sabretooth) gave us a charming, scary and imposing baddie. groovy performance to watch! The dude also obviously bulked up for the movie. Props! I respect that! Danny Huston (William Stryker) was very efficient as the young nutball with his own shit going on. Lynn Collins (Kayla Silverfox) was easy on the eyes and did what she had to do adequately. Although Taylor Kitsch (Remy LeBeau/Gambit) pretty much lost his Cajun accent after his first scene — the camera liked him and he made for a sympathetic Gambit.
T & A
It was ladies night on this one with jacked up Jackman going shirtless and even giving his a butt a co —starring role. All we get is Lynn Collins’ fine legs peering out of a night gown.
Gavin Hood showed off a keen eye and a flair for drama and action, too bad the screenplay couldn’t keep up with the quality he was slapping onscreen.
We get a potent score that did a fine job at supporting and amplifying the film’s happenings.
WOLVERINE was somewhat of a let down in the sense that the character deserves much better than a film of this quality. But it wasn’t a total loss: ace casting, Jackman shining throughout, some pretty damn enthralling action scenes and a couple of good laughs. CGI could’ve been a better, all the money that went into the film wasn’t always on screen and yeah a more focused and fleshed out storyline would have been swell. But what can you do…look, I can’t speak for the X-MEN comic fans out there who will bring their vast knowledge of the character to the movie, but for this regular guy, WOLVERINE hit the spot for what it was. A flawed yet still engaging jamboree of Logan.
That wasn't Ryan Reynolds doing the fighting as WEAPON X, it was ace martial arts dude Scott Adkins.

Zack Snyder and Bryan Singer turned down helming this film...too bad.

Liev Schreiber was at first given a muscle suit; but he refused it and opted to WORK OUT for the part instead. Good job!