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Written by: The Arrow
Director: David Hayter

Jason Momoa/Connor
Lucas Till/John
Merritt Patterson/Angelina
Stephen McHattie/John
6 10
Hot-shot teenager (Lucas Till) finds out he's a werewolf and flees his home to find out where he truly came from. His travels bring him to Lupine Ridge (get it) and his answers come in the form of badass Jason Momoa and his pack of party-hard man-pooches.
I had low expectation for WOLVES for the sole fact that the trailer made it seem like made for TV teeny-bop fluff. It just didn't look like I was the target audience for it. But hey it was written and directed (in his debut) by David Hayter (writer of X-Men and Watchmen) and it starred fav of mine: Jason Momoa as an Alpha-Male wolf-man. How can I skip out on that? I mean that's inspired casting right f-ing there! So I hit the bitch up and here's what went down.

For the first 40 minutes or so, I was surprised as to how much I was enjoying WOLVES. It wasted no time in slamming the pedal to the floor, I dug the voice-over as we followed our hero on his road to discovery, Hayter's visual style was sleek and his way of telling his story was often inventive (loved the use of freeze frame and the kinetic camera movements, DOP Gavin Smith was on fire!) Then Jason Momoa kicked in and he brought menace and charm to his role. Dude was born to play a part like this.... too bad he was underused. But some Momoa wolf-man is better than none. The rest of the cast fared well too. Lucas Till made for an appealing if not "one note" (stoic) young hero, Canuck actor Stephen McHattie classed the flick up as he always does (love that dude), hottie Merritt Patterson was pleasant to the retinas and gave an affable show as the love interest while cutie pie Melanie Scrofano stole many of the scenes she was in as the “always drunk” wolf-gal. She made me chuckle a lot and I loved the way she handled that beer bottle; a lass from my own crotch.

Moreover, I appreciated that the film was set in Canada and that it didn't hide it. It made the most of its “small town” and “in the woods” Canuck locations and there's nothing like seeing a Molson Export beer onscreen to put a smile on my face. What about the werewolves you may ask? The final wolf get-ups (designed by Dave Elsey) were decent if not a on occasion too “Teen Wolf” like for my tastes (which made it hard for me to take seriously) while the transformations were pretty much skimmed over. A longer process would have been nice. Finally the varied wolf to wolf fist-to-cuffs were engaging to varied degrees (too many quick cuts at times) and the sly sense of humor that would arise now and again hit the spot. So what stopped me from LOVING Wolves? Well it kind of lost me during its second half. It had set up some pretty cool plot lines/ideas and then just rushed through them (or avoided them), losing its edge along the way and relying on dense plot twists and a barrage of cliches to bring its story home.

The film also struggled with an identity crisis throughout as to what kind of film it wanted to be. Near Dark or Twilight? It landed somewhere in the middle. Should have went the Near Dark way... ALL THE WAY! And I was baffled as to why a movie that was Rated R would pussy out so much! For example there's a sex scene between two werewolves at a certain point. When it kicked in; I was thinking “pretty sexy and bold stuff; I don't think I've ever seen this before”. But it then cut out too short in a PG 13 kind of way and moved on! Why move on? You had something brutal, novel and hot going on here?! You're Rated R! Why get out of there limp-dick style like a Twilight opus? Come on! The same went for the gore; it's a werewolf movie man! I wanna see more than bites and slashes! Give me an evisceration or something! Too dry!

Granted when all was said and done WOLVES made for an easy and cheap sit down. On that; I saw it, got some kicks out of it and now I'll forget all about it. It could've been more than just that. It could've been NEAR DARK for werewolves with a ballsier and more thought-out script and more balls period! Howl at this moon!
We get slit throats, nasty bites and severed limbs during a meal sequence.
T & A
Merritt Patterson showed her cheeks in a G-String and a bit of side boob while the ladies and gay dudes get all kinds of hunks shirtless.
Although fun to watch and well put together technically; WOLVES didn't know what it wanted to me. A somber, grounded and edgy flick like NEAR DARK or a lighter more teen driven thing like TWILIGHT (with shades of TEEN WOLF)? So it tried to be both and I can't say that fully worked for me. I mean you got a Rated R flick here, RUN WITH IT! Sure it looked polished, the cast was tight, the ladies were hot and Jason Momoa, although underused, was badass as a wolf-man! But all those elements deserved better than the restrained, cliched and connect the dots second half. A one shot deal in my opinion! Why can't get they get the wolf-pack werewolf film right? Skinwalkers failed and while this one came closer to hitting the mark...no cigar...I can't wait to see who will one day kock it out of the dog park!
The film was originally called "Slaughter's Road".

The flick was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada