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X-Files 2(2008)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Chris Carter

David Duchovny/Mulder
Gillian Anderson/Scully
Amanda Peet /Whitney
Xzibit/Agent Drummy
6 10
Ex FBI Agents Fox Mulder (Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Anderson) are reeled back into action when dames start disappearing, human remains pop up left and right and a pedophile psychic priest (you heard me) claims that he may be able to lead them to the TRUTH. Cause ya know, its out there man, its is... really!
Yup I’m late on this one but hey, life happens! Better late than never! Now to fully grasp the absolute drivel I’m about to unleash, you have to know where I’m coming from. I was a huge THE X-FILES fan when the show was on (yup even during the underrated Doggett aka Bobby Patrick era).

I still remember going to JoBlo’s garage every weekend (or he'd come to my place) to watch the show with him and "maverick" nacho plates. It was a religion! One that always gave back! We even tagged up at some point to play and BEAT the first X Files video game (he was Scully of course). So yeah, I was a big f*cking fan. We haven’t seen Mulder and Scully since the 1998 feature THE X-FILES THE MOVIE, and no bad word of mouth or lousy reviews could’ve spat on my anticipation for this long overdue return. So did it make a believer out of me or what? Well yes and no.

The first half of THE X-FILES I WANT TO BELIEVE had me by the Hacky-Sack and then some. Gripping set up; jaw dropping snowy settings/cinematography and a mystery that kept me guessing as to “WTF” was going on (one aspect I always loved about the X-Files)? Seeing Mulder and Scully on the screen again totally wowed me as well. My nostalgia factor kicked into high gear and thankfully the pleasant chemistry the duo shared was the same as the good old days. Moreover the dialogue was sharp, the humor worked and the potent drama affected me the way it should. I missed these kooky FBI ying-yang...sniff...sniff... and kicking it old school with them (did I just say that — wow- what an a-hole) was one of the main reasons I boogied to this flick. Add to that one awesome "surprise appearance" by a beloved X-Files character, a handful of uneasy horror inclined sequences, early nifty plot turns and action bits that worked when they went down (not often) and you get a decent spook ride.

Alas, the return of THE X—FILES should’ve come with bigger melons in its cups. I mean the film cost about 30 Million clams… where did that dough go? Creams for Duchovny’s manly-man beard? Although I worshiped the token dramatic quotient, the science vs. religious themes and the skeptic vs. the hopeful game; them treats needed to be balanced out with more physical action and tension— especially on the big screen. My biggest bummer though was the “why” behind the tomfoolery. Throughout the affair my mind was racing — asking itself question to the best of its abilities (I have a feeble noggin as we all know) and when the motive was whipped out, I was underwhelmed to say the least. This is The X-Files man! A creation that had the best damn writing on TV (for a while anyways). I expect something more innovative and yes, paranormal than what I got here. Lame! Finally the script sported random "how convenient" bits to help move the plot along — no harm done really — just needed to be barked.

All in all, although not the come back I was expecting; it was still swell witnessing Mulder and Scully at it again, doing what they do best. I was smiling and that always counts for something since, well, my life kind of sucks balls these days. Hence time well spent in my book! Cue in The X-Files theme song! Tum, tum, tum, tum, tum, tum!
We get slashings, severed limbs (and heads), blood splashes here and there and some innards. Not overly graphic but nasty enough.
David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) returned in good form, true to their characters while playing off each other beautifully. One thing though — the sexual tension that was such a strong part of the show was lacking here for obvious reasons. I kinda missed it.

Amanda Peet (Whitney) felt right at home playing a go-getter FBI Agent — I bought it and kind of got off on it. Billy Connolly (Father Joe) nailed his layered role in a subdued yet moving way. I like Xzibit (Agent Drummy) and he was fine here but every time he popped up I kept expecting him to either belt out What U See Is What U Get or for him to leap out the screen to Pimp My Ride — kind of took away from the role.
T & A
Apart from some shirtless duders — NATHING! NOTE: The ladies do get smutty pillow talk out of Mulder's pie-hole. Cream away gals!
Chris Carter delivered an ably shot, often distinctive and stylized show (all about that “fall”). Some of the close quick cuts grated me but other than that all was well in Graceland.
The iconic The X-Files theme song and the moody score (by Mark Snow) worked wonders here. I dug the use of "Memories Child" by Jamison Young too! I wasn’t sure about the “dance-ish” version of the theme song during the end credits though. Let me listen to it drunk — then we’ll talk.
Look, I’m biased from the get-go because I’m a hardcore THE X-FILES fan. The flick could’ve been about Scully mowing Mulder’s lawn, dressed up in a turtle outfit while drinking a White Russian and I probably would’ve enjoyed it. THE X FILES I WANT TO BELIEVE sported the charm, dread filled feel and for its first half, the engrossing mystery of the TV show. Thing was; this was a feature film hence the flick needed more money onscreen, higher stakes and more action set pieces (in my useless opinion of course). And TV show or feature, the ‘why” behind the ordeal was weak period. With that out — I still had a good time and I’d tackle a THE X FILES 3 any day!
There will be an extended cut of the film once it hits DVD.

There's a suprise scene halfway through the credits.

Look out for a Chris Carter cameo (he's sitting on a bench during a Scully scene).