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Y2K Shutdown Detected(2000)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: John Gonzales
Trent Shumway
Slava Siderman

Jason Fenton/Niel
Ellen Horn/Megan
Leonard Clifton/Ritchie
John Gonzales/Everett
7 10
On new year\'s eve, the Kirkland Biotech Center is about to get a bloody surprise. Once the clock hits 2000, the center\'s computer goes haywire, creating new lifeforms, namely : zombies, demon babies and one pissed off blob. The center\'s staff is gonna go through hell. Happy New Year!!!
«An impressive debut from some promising new filmmakers-Tony Timpone, Fangoria Magazine »What was once planned as a feature film as been cut down to a 22 minute short. What a short it is. Y2K is an adrenaline pumped, no holds barred, means business flick.. It grabs you by the collar from the get go and plummets you non stop, till your brain is a bloody pulp...that\'s positive. The only downside is that after 22 minutes I wanted more, way more. The film plays like a gory MTV video and never stops for donuts.

A clever mix of zombie flicks, out of control computer flicks and The Blob. After the film there\'s a « making of »that shows us deleted creatures, deleted scenes, bloopers, making of the zombie etc.... This would have made a kickass feature, a monster movie for our times, but 22 minutes is better than zero minutes. The film is not perfect, all the sounds/ dialogue was added in post-prod and sometimes it shows (with the dialogue). Also, apart from Neil and Everett most of the characters are not given the time to develop, so you don\'t really care what happens to any of them. But overall this film packs in a lot for it\'s running time and it will kick your arse all over the place. All budding filmmakers out there should see this film and admire what these dudes have done on a relatively low budget. Hard work, imagination and a good crew takes you a long way. Hollywood should pay attention. Let the countdown begin...
You ask, you get. The makeup effects are very impressive. Simon Garcia ain\'t no bum. This film has lots of bloody zombie attacks (great looking zombie by the way). The visual EFX by Trent Shumway are also top notch. The blob was very impressive and I loved the demon baby...creepy
All the actors are decent, since this is a short, there isn\'t much room for character development. But there\'s a lot of room for screaming, running and dying. On those points all the actors deliver the jelly. The three actors that stand out positively are Leonard Clifton (Ritchie) who brings macho humor to the flick, Stacey Seale (Aimee) who looks stunning being dragged on the floor and Trent Shumway who should win the best « zombie » award for his rendition of a walking dead. I would say the weakest player in this offering would have to be the lead Jason Fento (Neil) who comes across as somewhat goofy and wooden. His flawed performance doesn\'t hurt the film too much.
T & A
No time for the naked stuff...it\'s a short! But the ladies will love Leonard Clifton\'s cut chest and pumped biceps. (the zombie rips his shirt off, Van Damme style...funny stuff)
One word : Tight. They have 22 minutes to showcase their stuff and they don\'t waste a second. Extreme close ups, creative shots, quick zoom in, split screen and enough visual tricks to fill 2 John Woo flicks.

The discovery of the very dead and pregnant Aimee is one of my fav scenes. The scene lets your imagination do the work and is well edited. I also love what they did with the maps and the computer screen.
The score by Jeff Menke and Jason Gile doesn\'t quit. Energetic, heart pumping jive.
22 full minutes. Y2K is a must see. If the big budget boys are listening, check this out and get these dudes to direct `Resident Evil`` the movie. They would be perfect for it. The future of horror filmmaking is in good hands, expect to hear from these guys again...fer sure.

1999 World Fest-Flagstaff Bronze Award for short subject « work in progress »

2000 World fest-Houston Silver Award for short category « fantasy/horror »

Rochester Film Festival « Certificate of Merit » The budget for the film was 2400$. For more info on this flick check out the site at : http://www.blackrussianfilms.com