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Your Name Here(2008)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Matthew Wilder

Bill Pullman/William
Taryn Manning /Nikki
Traci Lords/Julie
M. Emmet Walsh/Kroger
2 10
Drugged up sci-fi writer William J. Frick (Pullman) thinks he found some kind of key of life via the new book he's writing and he owes lots of dough to the government… so he does drugs and trips out. Okay…
I knew I was in trouble with YOUR NAME HERE when its “supposed to be funny” opening bit, showcasing some 70’s dressed knuckle head with a giant mullet on his head who's acting like a hipster failed to make me smile once. Grating me or stinking up the theater on the other hand? Oh yeah, it did that just fine. What followed was pretty much the same crap.  Loosely based on Sci fi author’s Phillip K. Dick life (the lead is named— William J. Frick — get it?) this sad sack excuse for a movie didn’t help me start my day on a good foot.

Whether it was faithful to Phillip K. Dick’s life was inconsequential to me. I didn’t care about that one iota. And the fact that it jumped on the mind-f*ck train quicker than I can burn two toast, didn’t bother me much either. What made it all feel like a total waste of time was the film’s BLAND characters that failed to evolve further than what was revealed at first glance, its one trick pony narrative that never jacked up the odds and the stench of utter pretentiousness that polluted the air as the SELF IMPORTANT moments/visuals stained the bowl. Look, I’m a mind-f*ck movie fan. LOST HIGHWAY, DONNIE DARKO, my love life… what not. But I need variety in my noggin chewers, levels, stakes or even a semblance of a story progression. All things that were either NOT HERE or that failed to smack me.

To make shite worse, every reality this bland mook jumped in and out of was obviously NOT a true reality, so it was hard for me to get invested in them. Okay so he trips out… can we move on? And the low-rent, crappy locations, the string of mind-f*ck clichés and the sad-sack photography nailed the last nail in this whore's coffin. BITCH BE DONE! Now I won’t lie, positive factors were in the house. Tracy Lords was funny at first with here ever cussing routine (until it got overdone and old), Bill Pullman is a great actor even when tackling a stale role such as this one and Taryn Manning as Nikki was no doubt swell casting. But this rinse and repeat, go everywhere yet nowhere jamboree of snoozes just didn't work for me.

Straight up, as the end credits rolled over this little girl singing a ditty, bathed in a veneer of  “care about this audience - you really should”, I couldn’t help but yelp out an earnest “f*ck this movie" at the screen. Hope you guys dig it and that it doesn’t evoke the pain and anger I went through for ya.
Oddities aside (like naked girls with no nipples and no vaginas) no gory goods here.
Bill Pullman (William J. Frick) did what he could; too bad the screenplay didn’t give him much to play with. Taryn Manning (Nikki) stole the show as the object of Frick’s obsession. Traci Lords (Julie) aced her ball breaking/neurotic part, if only somebody in the editing room knew when to cut her down before it got played out. M. Emmet Walsh (Kroger) played some old cranky schmuck…again… hey… he’s GREAT at it!
T & A
Yeah I saw a tit shot and it left me and Arrow Jr. cold as ice. Maybe the fact that the flick sucked tennis balls through tennis rackets had something to do with that.
Matthew Wilder served up some stylish visuals and some groovy shots. But for the life of me, I couldn’t care about what and whom he was shooting.
I loathed the cheap jack sounding score. Felt like it was created with sticks and garbage cans.
Weird for weird’s sakes, YOUR NAME IS HERE was a dull, dull and dull film that rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it could've worked as a short but as a feature, even 10 hits of acid couldn’t bring this glorified student film back to life. Granted it had a couple of cool moments acting and visual wise but not near enough to make it worth the trip. And speaking of trips; Frick needed better drugs cause his trips were of the laced with Drano variety i.e. DEAD.
They of course called him William J. Frick instead of Phillip K. Dick due to rights reasons.

Look for Charles "Murdock I'm coming to get you" Napier in a small role