1-18-08 trailer!

You probably saw this teaser if you were one of the millions who caught TRANSFORMERS this past weekend, but you probably still don't know quite what it was you saw.

Or maybe you have some idea by now, since everyone has been scrounging for any info they can find on the movie. All we really know is that producer JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot buddies are secretively making a giant monster movie set in New York, and that the exceedingly popular "viral marketing" is already rolling.

And we don't even know the title yet! It's currently just going by the film's release date 1-18-08 (or, conversely, the working title CLOVERFIELD), but it's more likely that either the creators haven't decided on an actual title yet, or they have one and just aren't telling! Either way, quite a provocative project, and knowing it comes from people behind LOST and ALIAS, there's bound to be more depth than a massive creature wrecking buildings. Although I'm cool with that too.

Click the pic for various sized trailers!


Extra Tidbit: Abrams knows something about major property damage -- he's one of many writers who worked on ARMAGEDDON.
Source: Apple



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