$1 billion George Lucas museum coming to Los Angeles

George Lucas is no doubt one of the most influential creative minds of the 20th century, if not the entirety of human civilization. His work has inspired millions of children, adults and balding sub-human basement dwellers. We have museums featuring artists like Da Vinci, and plans are already underway to give Lucas's work the same honor.  

It’s been announced by the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art that the city of Los Angeles, California has won the bid to build a $1 billion museum dedicated to the works of George Lucas, and also pieces from his own private collection (featuring work from Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol).  L.A. won the bid over Lucas’s hometown, San Francisco, and the venture is set to be complete by May 4, 2020.

Though there will be plenty of elegant and classic works on display from a bevy of famous artists, the big thing you readers probably care about is a little indie sci-fi series called STAR WARS. And yes, there will be plenty of concept art and models from the series, like EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, PHANTOM MENACE and REVENGE OF THE SITH, some of which you can gaze upon….now!

Yoda and Luke (Mark Hamill) on Dagobah (EMPIRE)

Landing in Cloud City (EMPIRE)

Plantet Kashyyyk (REVENGE)

Pod race crash (PHANTOM)

R2-D2 concept design (A NEW HOPE)

Millennium Falcon design (A NEW HOPE)

You can see more art at their website here, and you better book your tickets to L.A. now, STAR WARS fans. I hear rates for flights in 2020 are quite cheap right now.



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