10 Eragon clips

Eragon Brad from over at "Rope of Silicon" got his hands on ten clips from the fantasy adventure ERAGON and the truth is, they're not especially mind-blowing. Of course, it's unfair to judge a clip out of context but there's just not a whole lot about this movie that seems particularly awe-inspiring, at least in the way that THE LORD OF THE RINGS was. The effects are decent or at least the titular character's dragon Saphira, the only CGI creation the film absolutely had to get right, is realized fairly well. Not necessarily impressively so but you do get a sense of the awe and wonder that the dragon inspires in everyone. At least they made sure to include plenty of instances of Eragon riding Saphira across sweeping vistas. I mean, what's a dragon movie without lots of dragon action? Check out the clips over HERE. What did you guys think? Too much dragon? Not enough dragon? Too much Sienna Guillory with a lot of clothes on? ERAGON opens December 15th.

Extra Tidbit: Rachel Weisz voices Saphira.
Source: Rope of Silicon



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