100 Sexiest

I was totally gonna give this feature the cold shoulder, since I opened it up and saw my girl Mary Elizabeth Winstead at #100. There are 99 people in Hollywood sexier than her? No way! But after thinking it through, I see now that I wouldn't be much of a man if I let me personal issues get in the way of a bunch of hot pictures for you people.

I'd give you a quick rundown of the top ten or something, but I don't know about you guys but I get a little bit excited about clicking on 'next' and then being surprised to see who it is. It's kinda like an advent calender, or when you toss your watch in the bowl at a swingers party. Especially when you're expecting a picture of some real hot broad and you get a face full of Daniel Craig. You've been warned. Anyway, head on over HERE to check the full list out.

Extra Tidbit: #99 - Chris Evans. Way under rated. And don't get me wrong, he can wear a towel like nobody's business, but I'm pretty sure I'd take Winstead over him all day.
Source: Empire



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