10,000 B.C. trailer

Roland Emmerich has spent more money making films than some countries spend feeding citizens. Looking through his filmography, I can find only one that I actually dug, and partly because it featured Vivica A. Fox on a stripper’s pole. He’s one of those directors who wastes millions of dollars and thousands of hours of man power on a bad script. GODZILLA and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW are two films he directed.

As with all of his projects, his latest one shows much promise. 10,000 B.C. is an epic that can be described as GLADIATOR meets JURASSIC PARK meets APOCALYPTO. The new trailer has just been released , and it looks awesome. But it isn’t hard to squeeze a $75 million budget into two minutes and make it look good. Much to the studio’s credit, they cast Steven Straight, a relative unknown whose biggest role was in the shitty THE COVENANT, as mammoth hunter D’Leh. This role was ripe for an established leading man, but KINGDOM OF HEAVEN proved that means absolutely nothing when it comes to selling a film. Camilla Belle (WHEN A STRANGER CALLS) plays his cave-damsel in distress, and she’s looking better than ever. Must be the tanning cream. The story follows D’Leh on his quest to save his tribe from extinction, rescue his girl from a warlord, and to find shampoo for his disgusting dreads. You can check the trailer HERE courtesy of G4, and the film on the oddly-not-summer date of March 7th.

Extra Tidbit: That's a picture of 'manga Camilla Belle.' Don't ask.
Source: G4TV



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