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I still remember the day that I sent my best friend John Fallon (aka The Arrow) an email back in February of the year 2000, asking if he'd be interested in writing up some genre reviews for JoBlo.com, and establishing it as his own section. I still have his email response, which read: "I'm down...I'll rate the movies with severed heads...I'll call my section ARROW IN THE HEAD...and I don't want to be censored!" You gotta love the guy. Six friggin' years later, his site's growing like a teen penis on prom night (my homage to the Arrow) and a new DVD section entitled the DVD PUB & Indie Shots is now part of the greater Arrow in the Head website.

Much like our very own DVD CLINIC, the DVD PUB will essentially be reviewing all upcoming DVDs in the marketplace, with an obvious emphasis on all genre flicks. The INDIE SHOT reviews will be independent horror flicks that haven't found wide distribution yet-- or something along those lines. The bottom line is that after 6 years of plowing out his own reviews, the Arrow is passing part of the horror baton on to three new critics, namely JimmyO, Rees Savidis and Andre Manseau. The PUB already has a few reviews in there, so check 'em out and let those horror bastards know how they're doing.

Oh, and if you dug the DVD CLINIC's DVD RELEASE DATES section, as well as its DVD COOLNESS NEWS ARCHIVES, you can find the same shit over at AITH, only with a focus on GENRE DVD RELEASE DATES and obviously genre HORROR DVD NEWS ARCHIVES

Finally, much like our very own COOL COLUMNS section, the Arrow in the Head has also added a new section called KOOL SHITE (yeah, we're original) which basically archives all of AITH's weekly columns including their own TOP 10 lists, their Eric Red Recommends... columns, horror film conventions and other miscellaneous tidbits like the Arrow's own acting adventures and shit. All in all, cool additions to an already very cool site (granted, I'm biased as hell!). If you haven't checked it all out already, do so now, dammit!!!



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