Carnivale (S2) DVD

One of the cool things about this gig, other than receiving the monthly "special" brownies from Jim Law, is seeing just what the hell you schmoes are looking forward to DVD-wise. Some of you have been screaming for the release of The Fall Guy and other cool TV stuff, some of you wonder when a special edition of U.H.F. is coming out, and a ton of you have been wondering why studios keep releasing the same movie with the same features over and over again without anything new added. Well, I can't help you on any of those points, but call your momma in from the kitchen because I know there are quite a few of you looking forward to the second season of HBO's Carnivale with John Connor and the dude who was a total bad ass in Bad Boys (the one with Sean Penn), Clancy Brown (great name!). The twelve episodes from the season are spread out over 6 discs and will be featured in a cool ass Anamorphic Widescreen format. Special features include:

  • 3 Audio Commentaries with Creator Daniel Knauf, Executive Producer Howard Klein, Director Rodrigo Garcia and cast members Clancy Brown and Clea Duvall
  • "Magic and Myth: The Meaning of Carnivale" -- half-hour documentary exploring the apocalyptic writing and mythology behind the show. Interviews with the creator, executive producer, and writers and directors of the show to get their take on the mythology, as well as independent contributors who have examined the show’s characters and the archetypal roles they represent.
  • "Creating the Scene" Featurettes -- Find out how Carnivale's creators brought the Daily Brothers show -- and its Scorpion Lady, He/She and Praying Mantis-to vibrant life! Museum of Television and Radio panel discussion with cast and crew
The set will hit your local spot of DVD thievery on July 18th and retail at $99.98.

Source: DVDTimes



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