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The Chronicles of Narnia (SE) - December 12

A new four disc Extended Edition of "Nyan-ia" has been announced for limited release, hitting shelves for only seven weeks before it's pulled. Also available will be a Gift Set that will include the four disc extended edition, and "heirloom-quality bookends from the master creative artists at WETA, Ltd." Some heirloom, "Son, I know I'm dying and shit, but I want you to have this. It's a bookend that was available for only seven weeks and that anybody could've bought, and I choose to give it to you." Thanks Dad, now go die.

Disc 1: New Extended Version;

  • Feature Film: Extended Motion Picture - New extended version of the film with enhanced special effects and extended battle scene. Approx running time is 150mins
  • Narnia Fun Facts
  • Bloopers of Narnia
  • Kids and Director Commentary
  • Filmmaker’s Commentary

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"....dude, ran up on me, right? Then I blasted his punk ass wit' mah beak and shit. Stone cold gangsta shit right there, dog."

Bugsy (SE) - October 3

I've read a few places that Annette Bening (who's a hot old lady in her own right) recorded a commentary track for BUGSY. The astute observer will see that it's not included on this special edition. Perhaps we'll see it in the future? Great flick, by the way.


  • Feature film including 13 minutes of additional footage; digitally remastered for the best possible quality picture and sound
  • The Road to Damascus: The Reinvention of Bugsy Siegel” All-new documentary featuring interviews with Barry Levinson, Jim Toback, Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, Ben Kingsley and Elliott Gould
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bugsy Siegel “Screen Test” Video Montage
  • Filmographies

"When Laser Eye Surgeons Attack."

The Superman Collection - November 28

For those of you keeping track, and I know you are, the proposed Superman Collection, which has been renamed, "The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection", is being released on my birthday. I know, I know, you can't fit a stripper in a Federal Express box, and sending an eight ball of Bolivian Marching Powder is out of the question, so why don't you send me a case of beer and the Donner Cut, Superman II special edition? Specs for the Donner Cut special edition are below. The eight disc Reeve Collection includes a four disc edition of Superman, a two disc Superman II edition (NOT the Donner cut), and single disc Deluxe editions of Superman III and IV. All will be available seperately as well. Click the disturbing scene between Superboy and a dog with a cape for details on the above Super releases.

Donner Cut Edition includes:

  • All new introduction by director Richard Donner
  • Commentary by director Richard Donner and creative consultant Tom Mankiewicz
  • New featurette Superman II: Restoring the Vision
  • Additional scenes
  • Subtitles: English, French & Spanish (feature film only)

Black Rain (SE) - October 10

One good thing about my Dad, other than putting it to my Mom to give the world the sex machine that is ME, is that he didn't think twice about taking my brother and I to R rated movies when we were kids. He showed us Scarfacebefore we had hair on our junk, Goodfellas he took us twice to see in the theatre and the Ridley Scott directed Black Rainhe took us to see twice. Michael Douglas kicks so much ass in it (and he nails Catherine Zeta-Jones on a regular basis). This was before Andy Garcia started acting like "Andy Garcia", which means, he was a good actor. If you tell me he's equally good in the OCEANS 11, 12, 90 series, I will rip your eyelids off. If you loathe Andy Garcia's style now as much as I do, you'll be happy watching RAIN when he gets his head cut off with a machete. Oops, did I just reveal a spoiler....


  • 2.35:1 aspect ratio
  • English Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Dolby 2.0 Surround audio
  • Feature-length audio commentary with director Ridley Scott (Pimptastic!)
  • All-new making-of documentary

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (SE) - October 3

Apparently, the Holy Grail has been released a few times already. But here it is again in what's called an "Extraordinary Deluxe Edition". Have fun.


  • Commentary by John Cleese, Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones
  • BBC Film Night: On Location With the Pythons featurette
  • How To Use Your Coconuts featurette
  • Japanese Version featurette
  • Location Recce featurette
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Lego featurette
  • Quest for the Holy Grail Locations featurette
  • Sing-alongs ("Knights of the Round Table", "Sir Robin", and 'Monks Chant")
  • Theatrical trailers
  • The complete original motion picture soundtrack on disc three

Cover Art

Scarface (Platinum Edition)

Nightmare on Elm Street (InifiniFilm Limited SE)


Awesome! I F*ckin' Shot That!: The Beastie Boys handed out cameras to their fans and had them shoot footage of their tour. Hate to be the editor on that. OUT NOW!!!

The Boondocks (S1): Chicago's own Aaron McGruder's comic strip brought to the small screen. OUT NOW!!!

Joe Dirt (SE): I know some of you really dig it, so get your dig on with the SE, bitches! OUT NOW!!!`

Beavis & Butthead (V3): Kicking off a kick ass month of DVD ass kickery. 8/1

V for Vendetta (SE): Veni Vidi Vicious. 8/1

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King Kong (EE), Point Break (SE), Poseidon, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (SE), Grease (SE)....


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