Ring DVD on March 4

I don't traditionally do a "Best Of" list where I pick my favorite films of the past year, but if I did THE RING would sure as hell be on there. I truly enjoyed, in the most masochistic of ways, every second of the film. Granted I've never seen the original but come March 4th, I'll have something to compare it to. On that day both THE RING and its Japanese inspiration RINGU will be released on DVD.

Unfortunately THE RING isn't as packed with special features as you might like but it is boasting a very intriguing "all-new 15-minute experimental short film created by director Gore Verbinski exclusively for the video release." This short film supposedly helps piece together the mystery of THE RING. That seems to be all that's included on the disc for now and RINGU is features a similar lack of extras. Extras or not, THE RING is a great movie and, so I'm told, is RINGU. I highly suggest checking out both of these films and scaring the pants off yourself.

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Source: DreamWorks
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