Hayden in on Jumper

Originally JUMPER, an ambitious sci-fi trilogy about teleporting teens, was to have starred newcomer Tom Sturridge. However, Regency and Fox began to balk at the prospect of spending over $100 million on a movie starring an unknown actor. It didn't take long for Sturridge to realize how harsh Hollywood can be as he was dumped just two weeks before filming was to begin in Toronto. The studio has replaced Sturridge with Hayden Christensen, who will play the lead role of David. Christensen will reteam with his STAR WARS co-star Samuel L. Jackson on the film as well as Jamie Bell and Teresa Palmer. Production was supposed to begin filming earlier this summer but stalled as producers became concerned about not having a more prominent actor in their trio of young stars. Christensen is a good six years older than Sturridge (at age 26) and will be playing a 17-year-old character. JUMPER will star filming the last week of August in Toronto for director Doug Liman (MR. AND MRS. SMITH). Christensen can be seen next alongside Jessica Alba in the thriller AWAKE.

Extra Tidbit: Jumper is based on a book by Steven Gould.



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