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Wow, it looks like the studios are gearing up for the prime holiday season that will be the months of October, November and December, as they're already coming out with a gaggle of their summer titles right now, as we update our DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section with a ton of new shit this week including all of the X-MEN stuff, featuring a trilogy pack that includes the first 2 awesome movies and the 3rd "meh" installment, MI-3, THE LAKE HOUSE (isn't this still in theaters?), FAST AND FURIOUS IN TOKYO, as well as Pixar's CARS, WAIST DEEP and even limited releases like DOWN IN THE VALLEY and ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL.

Of course, I was most stoked when I came upon the 1st seasons of both BEVERLY HILLS 90210 and SIMON & SIMON, since that would mean that THE WONDER YEARS and THE FALL GUY can't be far behind ("I never spend much time in school, but I've taught ladies plenty. It's true I hire my body out for pay...hey, hey!"). We've also got a slew of Special Editions including one of Guy Ritchie's "cool" movies called LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING COCKS, as well as yet another edition of SCARFACE ("You know what? F*ck you! How about that?"), the Director's Cut of BLADE RUNNER, as well as THE GREEN MILE, and even the 20th anniversary version of THE TRANSFORMERS MOVIE!

This week's award for the worst cover of the year goes to DISTRICT B13 (fun movie, idiotic cover), while the best title goes to I AM A SEX ADDICT. I generally download porn in order to quench the insect living in my pants, but I might just watch this movie instead this time around. That's how I roll, folks. And YES, I changed those titles on purpose, don't bust balls.

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