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Well, the summer movie season is over, so I guess now it's time for us to get ready for the onslaught over summer movies to hit DVD over the next few months, as we take a shot at all those movies that we didn't think were good enough to pay for in the theaters, but that we're more than willing to take a chance on, for a lonely Saturday night. With that in mind, check out all of the latest DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES that we've added to the site this week, including NACHO LIBRE, CLICK, a special 2-disc edition of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 (let's hope the second disc isn't all about Tom discussing his love for Katie), the underrated SLITHER, as well as a bunch of other stuff, including a slew of TV shows.

Also, for those who didn't get enough of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA last year, Disney wants to take yet another shot at your wallet-- oops, I mean, Disney is releasing a 4-disc version of the loved flick. For those who were waiting for Lucky McKee's follow-up to MAY, wait no more as THE WOODS is apparently bypassing theaters altogether and going straight to video, along with the latest drop in Wesley Snipes' career poignantly titled HARD LUCK. The makers of SAW 2, RESERVOIR DOGS and so many others are also releasing newer "special editions" for the holiday season because they know how much we love those movies, and they want to f*ck us as hard as they can over and over and over again. Nanoo-nanoo.

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