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Beerfest - December 5

Doing junkets in a bar for a flick called BEERFEST seems only right. But just imagine if the press junket for a flick like SCARFACE included chilling in a Miami hotel, sipping Singapore Slings and doing mountains of coke. Now that sounds like a great time! That is until someone thinks you stole their wallet and threatens you with a knife and you hear the same story from some Cuban for nine hours straight. Check out our reports on the New York junket HERE and the Detroit junket HERE. Drinking 'til 3 in the morning playing beer pong for a press junket? Man, I can't wait until my script, HOOVERING COKE OFF A DEAD HOOKER'S ASS, is finally optioned. I SO can't wait for that press junket.

Rated & Unrated Editions:

  • English DD5.1 Surround
  • French DD5.1 Surround (Rated Edition only)
  • English, French and Spanish subtitles
  • Two commentaries:
    • Jay Chandrasekhar and Steve Lemme discuss the finer points of drinking games and answer their critics.
    • Kevin Heffernan, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske share their behind-the-scenes buzz.
  • Deleted Scenes with two optional commentaries by Jay Chandrasekhar and Steve Lemme, and Kevin Heffernan, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske
  • Featurette: Rule #1... Everyone who has consumed has committed a party foul. Filmmakers reveal the most egregious mishaps from the set and beyond
  • With the Frog Fluffer - meet the man behind the green goo!
  • Beer 101 History Lesson: The animated history of beer taught by director Jay Chandrasekhar and the lizards
  • Theatrical Trailer

Rated Edition

Unrated Edition

Bugsy (SE) - December 12

After much delay with "are they releasing it? are they not?", Barry Levinson's classic gangster tale is finally making its way to your local DVD store in December. I'm a little bummed that a commentary wasn't included with this extended edition, considering I've read some forums that mentioned that Annette Bening did in fact record a commentary track. Then again, forums also report shit like a certain acting legend (who's name rhymes with Back Chicholson) likes to have hookers defecate on a glass table while he lies under it. The table I mean. Stupid, dirty forums.


  • Feature film including 13 minutes of additional footage
  • Digitally remastered for the best possible quality picture and sound
  • The Road to Damascus: The Reinvention of Bugsy Siegel” All-new documentary featuring interviews with Barry Levinson, Jim Toback, Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, Ben Kingsley and Elliott Gould
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bugsy Siegel “Screen Test” Video Montage
  • Filmographies

Maniac Cop (SE) - December 5

Seemingly out of print (at least in Region 1) for what seems forever, the Bruce Campbell cult classic (is there any other?) has been announced with suped up audio and even a High-Definition transfer. The Chin of All Media also has recorded a commentary track. Pimp that shit, Bruce!


  • New, Anamorphic Widescreen High-Defintion (1.85:1) Transfer from the Original Vault Materials
  • Audio Commentary from Star Bruce Campbell, Producer Larry Cohen and Others
  • New DTS 6.1 Audio Track Re-Mixed For This Home Video Release
  • New Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Soundtrack Re-Mixed for This Home Video Release
  • Original 2.0 Dolby Digital Surround Soundtrack
  • Theatrical Trailer and Television Spots
  • Additional Scenes Filmed for Japanese Television Broadcast
  • All-New Featurette with Star Robert Z’Dar and Other Surprises

My Super Ex-Girlfriend - December 19

Maybe it's me, but I love Uma Thurman in a comedy. Such a departure from the usual stuff she does. MAD DOG and GLORY, if you haven't seen that, you need to. Most of my friends say she's just a tall blonde who always looks like she just ate a lemon. Whatever, dudes. Uma's hot but she's way too tall for Luke Wilson. Send her over ol' Johnny Boy's way. That's a mountain I'm willing to climb.


  • Extended Shark Sequence
  • 5 Deleted Scenes
  • Music Video: Molly McQueen “No Sleep 2nite”
  • Widescreen & Full Screen transfers (Flipper Disc)
  • English DD5.1 Surround
  • French & Spanish Dolby Surround
  • English & Spanish subtitles

Feast - October 17

Well, it seems like years since the Project Greenlight series featuring FEAST ran, but it's finally hitting shelves in a couple of weeks with an unrated release. Extras for this will include five deleted scenes, outtakes, two featurettes called Horror under the spotlight: The Making of Feast and The Blood and Guts of Gary Tunnicliffe and a filmmaker commentary track. Wasn't Project Greenlight practically "the making of FEAST"? And if it were physically and biologically possible for two men to conceive a child through natural means (i.e. the ol' "in out/in out"), wouldn't the love child of Jim Gaffigan and Philip Seymour Hoffman look like FEAST director, John Gulager? Discuss.

The Proud Parents

The Forgotten Son


Medium (S2): Hot ass Patricia Arquette needs to do another topless scene, like, pronto before she gets older. Nobody likes Medium anyway. Buy it! OUT NOW!!!

The Glass House 2: How can you not bring Leelee Sobelioni back for the sequel? You're robbing us over here. OUT NOW!!!

South Park: The Hits: A sort of greatest hits collection from the boys. Anyone see the World of Warcraft episode that just ran? CLASSIC! OUT NOW!!!

Click (SE): Bla bla and then Adam Sandler yells. 10/10


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