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Some very odd stuff happening in this week's DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES update as we are presented with 2 of the boringest covers ever created for an actual Hollywood picture in MIAMI VICE, a cover that looks like a turd I took last night. After waiting for what seems like years for the Special Edition of A FISH CALLED WANDA, we are presented with 2 different versions of it (one called the "Collector's Edition").

New Line Cinema f*cked up bigtime this summer when they held on too long for the release of SNAKES ON A PLANE and it looks like they want to continue their "winning streak" with that film as they are by-passing the entire Christmas holiday buying season...and releasing (i.e. dumping?) the DVD during the first week of January 2007. Makes sense to me! (that's sarcasm, kids)

And finally, I can stop writing the studio who held the rights to GYMKATA, as it's finally been placed on the DVD release date schedule in January of 2007, as well as the entire DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Saturday morning cartoon series. Now if only we can get those piss-ants to release the rest of the LARRY SANDERS SHOWs on DVD and anything related to THE WONDER YEARS, I can sleep easier at night (yeah, that's what my life comes down to, man...).

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