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The DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section is rockin' and rollin' this week as everyone and their aunt prepares for the sickness that is the holiday buying season. Fox decided to continue their dumping of two decent movies in IDIOCRACY and BANDIDAS (did they even release this in the States?) by releasing them during the first week of January on DVD. Nice. That said, the highly praised CRANK starring Jason Statham as the great Jason Statham, is also being released around that time, but at least it's got an ultra-cool cover-- although granted, the BANDIDAS cover is "the tits" as well.

My favorite updates were on the TV front this week though. First of all, the 1st season of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is being released starring Hellboy falling in love with Sarah Connor from the TERMINATOR movies. I'm there. The great Chuck Norris' 2nd season of WALKER: TEXAS RANGER is also being released and it reminded me of how funny that show could be. If you haven't seen this clip featuring Haley Joel Osment yet, do yourself a favor and check it.

Finally, the friggin' 1st season of FAMILY TIES is coming out in February of 2007, and I'll be second in line to purchase that puppy, right behind Rush Limbaugh and his drug habit. Incidentally, was I the only person who wanted to nail both Mallory and her mom on that show? Wow! As for Tina Yothers, well...she's apparently ready to wear a bikini these days. Sigh. And oh yeah, I have no idea what SHERRY BABY is about, but I'm renting that shite asap. Why, you may ask? Two reasons, my friend. Check the cover. Cheri!!

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