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All the King's Men - December 19

Just a quick little update today for you cats today, Sean Penn's latest was received horribly by, seemingly, almost everyone. Yikes. And I don't know what's with the Sean Penn trend of yelling and crying and shit and calling it "dynamic". I don't hear anyone calling Pacino "dynamic" when he's yelling "She's got a great ass!"


  • Deleted Scenes & Alternate Ending
  • Making of All The Kings Men Featurette
  • Shake Hands with the Devil - Does power corrupt? The cast weighs in on politics, corruption and why films and on-stage theater dealing with these issues have always been intriguing
  • An American Classic - A brief biographical look at the Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert Penn Warren, author of “All The The King’s Men”
  • The Legend and Lore of Huey Long - This documentary investigates the colorful politician who provided the inspiration for Sean Penn’s character Willie Stark
  • LA. Confidential: On Location with All The King’s Men - Hear how the cast and filmmakers absorbed the distinctive culture of Louisiana to bring greater understanding to this classic story

The Descent - December 26

THE DESCENT seemed almost like a surprise hit. If anyone has seen it, Strike Back below, because I'm curious what the average fan has to say about it. Specs for the standard DVD release include a Director's Commentary with the cast, trailers. The Uncut Edition gets a second director's commentary with the crew, a making-of featurette, deleted and extended scenes, a storyboard/scene comparison, a stills gallery, cast/crew bios, some outtakes and an interview with the director.

CLICK HERE for cover art.

She fell for the oldest trick in the book when she opened the cellar door and was covered in paint.

Brokeback Mountain (SE) - December 26

Are the Brokeback jokes over? Man, you people (including me) know how to really beat a joke into the ground. But I'm over it, mostly because it hits so close to home. This new special edition is packed (!) with tons of extras including a featurette called "On Being a Cowboy" which strangely turns into a featurette about being ON a cowboy. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Disc 1: Main Feature

  • 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD5.1 & DTS 5.1 Surround
  • French DD5.1 Surround
  • Spanish DD2.0
  • English SDH, French & Spanish subtitles
  • A Groundbreaking Success

Disc 2: Extra Features (DVD5)

  • Music from the Mountain
  • Impressions From the Film (Still Gallery)
  • On Being a Cowboy
  • Directing from the Heart: Ang Lee
  • From Script to Screen: Interviews with Diana Ossana & Larry McMurtry
  • Sharing the Story: The Making of Brokeback Moutain

CONTEST: Insert your witty caption here!!!


Ultimate Bond Collection (V.1): To prep you a very blonde Bond, catch up on the old school, fair haired brunette Bonds. Volume 2 also available today. OUT NOW!!!

Melrose Place (S1): Heather Locklear? Eh, I was more of a Courtney Thorne-Smith kind of guy. Haha, no I wasn't, Heather rules, but she gives a love a bad name. (like that? me either) OUT NOW!!!

Cars: Don't forget to check out Jason Adams' cool visit to PIXAR where he gets drunk with a bunch of six year olds. Nov 7

Police Squad (The Series): Come man, it's Leslie Nielsen!!! OUT NOW!!!


Extra Tidbit: Seriously, the funniest caption for the Brokeback photo wins a free DVD at my choosing (don't worry, my taste in DVDs is awesome). The photo will be judged by myself and a panel of gay cowboy strippers who call themselves "Home on the Strange".
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