DVD Review: Killing Me Softly

Didn\'t Joseph Fiennes get nominated for an Oscar for SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE? (a quick check on the IMDB reveals that he wasn\'t, in fact, nominated for Best Actor, but did share the Best Kiss award with Gwynnie at the MTV Movie Awards that very same year) All that to say that one of his most recent gigs was starring opposite the very naked Heather Graham in a certain \"thriller\" entitled KILLING ME SOFTLY, which has now been reviewed by our own Indiana Sev for the DVD CLINIC. Here\'s his lowdown of the film\'s plot:

Alice (Graham), an American living in London, bumps into a handsome stranger (Fiennes) on the street and the next thing you know, they’re going at it like rabbits. She dumps her live-in boyfriend and for the next week or so these two have wild sex like nobody’s business. Throwing caution to the wind, she quickly marries the lad but only then begins to suspect that he may be a rapist/lunatic... or is it all in her head? Maybe...there\'s not much else in there.

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