Finally! Indy on DVD!

Finally! After years of waiting and being forced to watch the INDIANA JONES trilogy on the VHS box-set or the repetitious showings on AMC, Paramount and Lucasfilm have confirmed a four-disc box-set for release on November 4th! The set will include all three INDIANA JONES movies, plus an additional disc filled with over 4 hours of supplemental features created exclusively for this release. George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are expected to lend their full participation to the collection. Does this mean an audio commentary track? It hasn\'t been confirmed yet but there will be numerous interviews with all the principals. Many of the film\'s deleted scenes are also expected to make their debut on the discs, including the extended swordfight in Cairo from RAIDERS. All films are going through both audio and digital remastering and will be available in both widescreen and fullscreen formats. The films, like BACK TO THE FUTURE, will only be available in box-set form and not for sale separately. No resale price has been set but expect a sticker price close to $50. Could there also be information included on the discs regarding the upcoming INDIANA JONES 4? If the script is close to being done, perhaps a teaser trailer could be included? One can dream...

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Source: Variety
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