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TREASURE PLANET is a very underrated movie, folks. To this day, I still have no precise idea why it tanked the way that it did when initially released last winter, but according to most critics, according to my personal opinion and according to the 2 schmoes from our site who apparently saw it in theaters (huh?), this is a good movie! I personally think that its release around the phenomenon that was that kid with the broom and SANTA CLAUSE 2 might\'ve caused most to miss it, but who knows. Maybe people just think Disney sucks nowadays because they\'re watering down all of their flicks to crappy sequels on dvd/video.

Having said that, the TREASURE PLANET dvd came out last week and I only hope that many others will also discover it for the wonderful piece of entertainment that it is. The Shootin\' Surgeon took a gander at the entire DVD this week, so read all about what he has to say about the film and its extras below. The Arrow also nabbed the popular gig of reviewing a fat Devon Sawa...aka, EXTREME OPS

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