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It always seems to take me a few viewings of the Coen brothers\' movies to really get into the thick of them, but almost every single of their unique contributions ultimately \"gets me\" and that\'s no matter if they\'re creating a moody thriller like BLOOD SIMPLE, an over-the-top comedy like RAISING ARIZONA, an Oscar nominated flick like FARGO or their ode to a man trippin\' THE BIG LEBOWSKI (which I originally shat all over, but have since included as one of the 50 COOLEST MOVIES OF ALL-TIME in my book), and these two puppies: the Cannes Film Festival\'s Palme D\'Or winner starring John Turturro as a struggling Hollywood screenwriter, BARTON FINK, and the Irish mob drama starring Gabriel Byrne as a man who lives by his own rules, MILLER\'S CROSSING (incidentally, the Coen bros came down with a nasty bit of writer\'s block during this film and wrote BARTON FINK in the meantime). Indiana Sev takes a gander at the new dvd release of the former, I review the latter.

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