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I\'m still not entirely sure why both A GUY THING and NATIONAL SECURITY deserved to have respective \"special edition\" dvds created in their honor, but whatever the case, they did and now our DVD CLINIC is here to tell you all about the goods and the bads from each film. Actually, there ain\'t too many goods to speak of, which is fine by me since I always get a greater kick out of reading BAD reviews of movies, than GOOD, including my own! (especially in the case of bullshit two-bit flicks that the studio or anybody involved seemed to care little about in the first place). All that to say, check out what Indiana Sev and The Shootin\' Surgeon have to say about all this.

\"This so-called movie is a sick way of trying to steal movie lovers\' money away from them & it does so by combining lousy dialogue with a tinge of cliché and a heavy dose of boring.\"
\"Martin Lawrence is about as funny as a bad case of internal bleeding. To call this jerk a one-trick pony is to insult all the ponies of the world.\"

\"A  \"National

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