1st look at Eli

Denzel Washington said wasn't interested in starring in the upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller THE BOOK OF ELI but that his 10-year-old son talked him into it. Huh. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for a movie but we'd be naive to believe an actor never took a role he/she didn't believe in 100%. The good thing about Denzel though is that when he commits, he'll give you his 100%. Case in point: for ELI he lost over 60lbs to play the title character.

USA Today recently got a chance to visit the New Mexico set and brought back a bunch of pictures from the film. Sadly the film opens in January (a dumping ground for bad movies), which may indicate that Warner Bros. has the same confidence in the film that Denzel initially had. Take a look at the pictures below (click to see the full gallery at USA Today) and let me know what you think.

Extra Tidbit: Spoiler alert: The "book" turns out to be an old, worn out copy of "Marley and Me."
Source: USA Today



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