1st Trailer for Iraq war drama The Yellow Birds w/ Ehrenreich and Sheridan

Based on the novel by Iraq War vet Kevin Powers, THE YELLOW BIRDS is a wartime mystery/drama that is packed with talent, including young Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich, Tye Sheridan, Jack Huston, Jason Patric, Toni Collette and Jennifer Aniston. Today sees the release of the first trailer that looks very similar to Paul Haggis' flimsy IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH, which had a very similar premise. As an Iraq and Afghanistan war Vet myself, films like this always hit close to home and my spotlight on accuracy and bullshit shines bright. It's a tricky business telling war stories, but having it based on a story written by someone that was there most certainly helps. Chris Bumbray saw the film at Sundance last year and was fairly lukewarm (Review Here), but based on the trailer it looks, at the very least, like a compelling watch with some solid talent.

Here's the synopsis:

Against the explosive backdrop of the Iraq War, young soldiers Brandon Bartle (Alden Ehrenreich) and Daniel Murphy (Tye Sheridan) forge a deep bond of friendship. When tragedy strikes the platoon, one soldier must return home to face the hard truth behind the incident, and help a grieving mother (Jennifer Aniston) find peace. With a compelling mix of battle action and poignant drama, The Yellow Birds is an unforgettable movie whose power resonates long after the final frame.

THE YELLOW BIRDS will be released exclusively on DIRECTV May 17th – June 13th and In Theaters & On Demand June 15th

Source: Saban Films



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