20 robots in TF2?

If you're a TRANSFORMERS fan and/or a massive geek, Christmas might just have come early this year in the form of a comment made by screenwriter Roberto Orci on Don Murphy's message board. He writes that: "I'd love and think we could almost barely manage ten on each side, with some front and center and others as more supporting."

So that's potentially twenty robots fighting at the same time? I guess it's that or this is one of the heralded Michael Bay rickrolls. Either way, the main problem I had with the first movie was that in that badass final fight sequence, most of the time I couldn't tell who the hell was who. Who knows what will happen when we have more than twice as many generic looking robots taking part in the mêlée this time around? Also, who knows whether those accents I put on the 'e's in "mêlée" are correct. They sure make it look sexy though.
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