2006 Wrap Up! (2/2)


Here, with what we hope will be a recurring feature in 2007, is a look back at the past year through the lens of the camera. It's equal parts hilarious, sexy, nauseating, puzzling and in the case of Britney Spears' vag, all the above. Enjoy! And click HERE to check out part 1 of our yearly review.

When this photo of Kristen Bell (an outtake of a photoshoot for Spin magazine) went online in hi-res, fanboys across the globe printed out life-size copies, taped it to their wall and let their imaginations run wild.

One time "it girl" and current time "forgotten girl" Gretchen Mol came back on the scene in a big way with a naked (literally and figuratively) performance in THE NOTORIOUS BETTIE PAGE.

Sacha Baron Cohen sports the now infamous neon green "nut sling" while promoting BORAT at Cannes. Only in France could someone look like that and still attract chicks that hot. Well, France and LA.

The coochie shot heard 'round the world. Wasn't the first celebrity upskirt but for some reason was the most widely publicized. CNN, "Today," Time magazine and other reputable news outlets all reported the news that Brit's freshly shorn nether regions. Many saw this as the first sign of the apocalypse.

Tom Cruise embarked on an all-out publicity blitz with war bride Katie Holmes to promote MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE:III. Didn't quite work as M:I:III underperformed and Viacom head Sumner Redstone kicked Cruise to the curb. Cruise promptly bought his own studio with some extra eff-you-money he had lying around.

One of the biggest entertainment stories of 2006 was Mel Gibson's drunken tirade against the cops, the Jews and sugar tits. He admitted alcoholism, went into in-home rehab and watched as APOCALYPTO fizzled and Kramer upstaged him with his own racist rant.

Wanna know the real reason behind JoBlo's medical maladies? Take a look at these two bad boys. That's enough to put any man in shock.

Isaac Mizrahi did, at the Golden Globes, what every man would love to do - he felt up Scarlett Johansson. The actress later said it was in "poor taste" but accepted his apology. All it takes is an apology and everything's OK? Two tickets to LA please...

Speaking of Ms. Johansson, she starred in three movies this year (THE PRESTIGE, SCOOP and THE BLACK DAHLIA) and did a photoshoot for Allure to promote her fall films. Included was this picture that can be described without hyperbole as the Greatest Picture Ever Taken.

Lindsay Lohan's partying ways alienated her teen audience and her older audience never really existed anyway. As such, JUST MY LUCK - a romantic comedy about luck swapping - bombed. Promoting a movie for 12-year-olds with photos like this doesn't make much sense to me...

With all the trendy new hairdos, Natalie Portman bucked the system by shaving herself bald for March's V FOR VENDETTA. Her bald head, a British accent, the Wachowskis and a comic adaptation were not enough to get fans in seats though as the film failed to make much of an impact. Then again Natalie Portman once played a stripper in a movie and that film didn't exactly light up the box-office. I give up trying to figure out you people.

If you told Vera Farmiga, when she was a struggling, young actress that in the same year she'd work with Martin Scorsese and have an online game based around giving her oral pleasure, she'd probably have been a little skeptical. But yeah, Farmiga starred in THE DEPARTED with Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio and was the subject of a Flash game that let players go down on her. Oscar schmoscar.

Despite producers' intentions that they'd keep the designs from TRANSFORMERS secret until closer to the release date, numerous stills and sketches made their way online. Fans griped most about the flames inexplicably added to Optimus Prime but Michael Bay kept them at...bay...with news that Peter Cullen, original voice of Prime, would return for the movie. Roll out!

This, one of the first fanmade SNAKES ON A PLANE "posters" was the start of an internet sensation that, sadly for New Line, stayed on the internet. The hype peaked at the wrong time and by the time the movie was out, most people had grown tired of SOAP. But hey, snakes on a plane man....snakes on a plane.

BASIC INSTINCT 2 cost a reported $70 million, $14 million of which went to pay Stone for her services. The movie grossed just over $3 million its opening weekend. Never before have I been prouder of the American public.

I'm not sure what this photoshoot was promoting or what it has to say about Charlize Theron in 2006, but I think it's really effin' hot so I had to include it here. My prom was definitely nothing like this.

The above picture isn't the one I'm referencing, but quite frankly I wasn't sure if the JoBlo.com masses were ready for a photo of Steve-O's weiner. Yup, Steve-O, the lovable whackjob from JACKASS 2, whipped out his unit and gave the red carpet a golden shower at the LA premiere this September. Should you really want to see the photo of Steve-O taking a leak, first click the pic above. Then see a shrink.

Last but not least we have this photo, a scan of the June 23rd issue of Entertainment Weekly. What's so great about that? Somewhere in my possession, I have the first issue of Entertainment Weekly from 1990 that I picked up at my local comic book store. If you had told 13-year-old me that 16 years later a website I'm proud to write for is featured in a EW cover article, it would've blown my mind. It was a proud day for everyone here and one of the coolest things to happen since I've been here. At the risk of sounding like a complete tool, here's to more great things in 2007!

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