Rent DVDs Canada!

All Canadians...listen up!! DVDHYPE.COM is Canada\'s first online DVD rental store (like NetFlix.com in the States) and is now offering a trial run to anyone who wants to try their service for two weeks. If, after the trial period, you are not satisfied with their service, which includes Canada\'s largest DVD inventory (from classics to today\'s blockbusters), unlimited DVD rentals, one flat monthly fee, no due dates, shipping or late fees and no long term commitments (cancel anytime), they will give you your money back...guaranteed! What have you got to lose?

If you\'re sick of always driving down to the video store and having to return the dvds/videos the next day, check into this site as they will ship you any dvd that you want to watch and you get to keep it as long as you want (you can rent up to 3 at the same time). As soon as you send your DVDs back (in pre-paid envelopes-- free shipping), they will immediately send you your next picks on the list and so on and so forth.

They\'re also holding a contest right now which anyone signing on to their service will be automatically entered into. If you love movies and are Canadian...check \'em out today.

Learn more about DVDHype.com here

Source: DVDHype.com
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