Wallace & Gromit a go!

\"\" After a couple of false starts, Aardman Animations is finally set to make it\'s first film for DreamWorks under a four picture deal that was signed back in 1999 following the success of their first teaming on CHICKEN RUN. And what better way to start this new/old deal than with a feature starring Aardman Animation studio\'s staple pair, the hilariously inventive dog and owner duo of WALLACE AND GROMIT! Nick Park, who directed CHICKEN RUN along with Peter Lord, will co-direct along with Steve Box this time around. The studios are targeting a summer 2005 release, which is a pretty slight timeline considering that it took 4 1/2 years to complete CHICKEN RUN, and they are yet to even begin production on the claymation feature. WALLACE & GROMIT have starred in a series of critically acclaimed shorts that include titles like THE WRONG TROUSERS, A GRAND DAY OUT and A CLOSE SHAVE, that to this day, and after numerous viewings, still manage to make me laugh uncontrollably. For the second film of the deal with DreamWorks, the afore mentioned Peter Lord is developing FLUSHED AWAY, about two rats whose lives take a turn for the better when they are washed down a sewer and up into a penthouse.

Source: Variety
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