Contest: House of 1000 DVDs!

LIONS GATE FILMS is the studio that decided that audiences could actually make up their own minds in terms of the kinds of movies that they want to see, when they picked up Rob Zombie\'s HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES for release late last year. The film opened in April 2003, and come next Tuesday, August 12th, it will finally see life on home video/dvd. The dvd, which is being touted as something really special, includes a commentary track by the man himself, deleted scenes, trailers, screen tests, featurettes (including one called "Tiny f*cked a Stump") as well as MOJO DVD navigation menus, which are interactive menus which allow viewers to interact with live-action buttons, features and even the actors themselves. Neat. We are currently giving away 10 COPIES of this dvd to anyone who enters our contest below. How do you enter? Simple...just enter your name and email address and return to this site on August 12th, to find out if you were one of the 10 randomly picked winners. Good luck!

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Rob Zombie discusses the DVD and
the sequel to this film here

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