Great Indy DVD news!

Are you chompin\' at the bit to toss on the old fedora, grab the whip, kiss that picture of Kate Capshaw (or Short Round, depending on how messed up you truly are) hanging above your bed for good luck, head on out and brave Nazi\'s, snakes and great big boulders to be one of the first to lay your hands on the ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES DVD Set that\'s scheduled to hit shelves November 4th? Well if you are, then wouldn\'t you look like a complete fool showing up, all decked out in your \"adventure gear\", expecting line-ups around the block, only to find out that it was actually released two weeks earlier? Yup! That\'s right! According to DVDAnswers.com, Lucasfilm and Paramount have pushed up the release of the hotly anticipated 4-disc set by a full two weeks! It will now land on October 21st! Sweet! However, if you\'re not one to leave the cozy confines of your nicely darkened room, or you simply want to help support this little site we got going over here, how\'s about ordering it from Amazon.com by clicking the link below? The last I checked, Amazon still had Nov. 4th listed as the release date, but I\'m sure it will be updated very soon.


Source: DVDAnswers
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