23 New Pics From Game of Thrones Season 3


If you haven't seen any of Game of Thrones yet be careful; there are some spoilers sprinkled about.

I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I haven't read any of the books in the A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series. Part of the reason is that fantasy novels just don't connect with me as well as other genres. I don't think it's the long detailed descriptions of nature, castles, etc. that sometimes seem to plague the genre. I had no problem reading Patrick Bateman's views on Huey Lewis (it's about eight pages in the book and Jared Leto doesn't die at the end) or his descriptions of what multiple people are wearing at a party, where it was bought from, how much was spent on this...it goes on for a while. For whatever reason, fantasy books (and video games...sorry SKYRIM fans) don't excite me.

However, the past two seasons of Game of Thrones have certainly pushed me towards the books, and the third seasons may just be the final shove I need to finally dive into the novels. Besides this one.

With the third season right around the corner, the official Game of Thrones Facebook page has released 23 new pictures of most (it can't be all...the cast size rivals the amount of extras used in GANDHI for Christ's sake) of your favorite characters as well as some of the new faces that will be popping up for the first time. These are apparently the first official pictures released, so don't expect anything that's a spoiler or full of action, but it still gets me (and I'm sure plenty of others) excited to return to Westeros and Essos.

Check out some of the pics below or got to their Facebook page to see them all. Game of Thrones returns (with slightly extended episodes) March 31st.



Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones



Extra Tidbit: Since I haven't read the books I have a question for those that have: would the first two seasons have benefited from being split up like what is being done with season three? I'm sure as well as a job HBO has done, plenty of stuff has been left out in the transition from book to television. Would the first two seasons be vastly different or just extended?



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